>i‘ve been dreamin’
of words
with a texture
distinctive and rough
like tree bark
and the smell
of forest mysteries
hitting my paper
rubbing scratchy marks
tearing it apart
with a rawness
and intensity
that made me shiver
all over
and gazing through knotholes
slowly spreading
and filling the spaces
i saw poetree

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29 responses to “>poetree

  1. >Ha – I think everyone has commented on all the things this lovely poem inspired. Lovely poetree and a whole lot more, for me it was a nicely flowing and a lyrical beat, when I recited this out loud it had 'a back beat jive – jazzy syncopated accentuation on the "off" beat. In a simple 4/4. You can play this on your sax.Nice, joanny

  2. >This poem is SO AWESOME. I love the use of nature in poetry and I think you captured it incredibly in this one! These are my favorite lines: "distinctive and rough like tree barkand the smell of forest mysteries"good work! check out some of mine.