take your time to spade & ease the soil //don’t plant too quickly

the plane speeds eastward,
dotting fleeting shades upon the alps

“it’s not on the radar” my colleague says

“how’s the app called?”

we hold smartphones high towards the sky,

but the military plane
moves undercover, snow-capped peaks
against grey sky
a sunny pool, the form of peaches
where few cows graze

the world is changing
with each twirl

men with ties &bleeding fingertips forge big stacks of statistics&–

“they use the cable car” the waiter says
“to move the cows up and down the mountain”

“do they like it?”

“they get used to it
after a while”

i drive the spade deep in the earth, blisters blooming on my palms,
preparing soil for growth
is dang hard work i think,

the cows have disappeared, the plane moves
in a field of varying coordinates

in front of me
a row of herbs, waiting

to be planted


12 responses to “take your time to spade & ease the soil //don’t plant too quickly

  1. Love this Claudia. I hope we all keep planting, hoping and acting on that metaphorical garden that is earth, that is our life. Thanks for this.

  2. As I read the poem, I thought of the times that my rash actions resulted in more blisters than crops worthy of the effort of planting…a good poem for my Sunday here in SoCal.

  3. Very thought filled poem Claudia. I am presently planting my garden by delving into my art. I joined Saatchi months ago now after finding you there but have yet to get together a portfolio. I am trying out some new avenues that hopefully will bring me to that ah ha moment. Hope you are doing well.

  4. That is just like humans, to make the transport of cows so difficult and scary. I love the advice in the title……..a wonderful poem, as always!

  5. Heya, friend Claudia … long time no see … How the hell r U ??? … anyway, Spring/ summer here in AB. Canada … Put my garden in but no chance of it surviving cuz of mama moose and offspring and mama deer and offspring comin 2 visit every night … This earth is their life and it also is mine … so come hunting season, I will make them pay … Circle of life … smiles … Love, cat.
    PS: Please show Ur face sumtime, k? http://catsruledogsdroole.blogspot.com/ and http://ckpeacemaker.wordpress.com/