>Jasmin – a poem by my daughter Miriam


This is a poem by my daughter Miriam (who is in La Paz at the moment) She wrote it for her best friend Jasmin – and I cried when I was reading it…
She posted it in german on her blog and allowed me to translate and post it here…hope you like it as much as I do…


i was sitting
all alone
on those stairs
and hated the day
and would’ve loved
to play
“my right, right place is empty..”
and i wished it was you
taking the seat next to me
and then we would just sit
side by side
like we’ve done
a hundred times
on that bench in Fischingen

and for all the people
who would’ve seen us
it had appeared
we were just silent
but both of us knew
we are not
but my thoughts
would have told your thoughts
without a single word
that was so important
this very moment


16 responses to “>Jasmin – a poem by my daughter Miriam

  1. >isn't that the truth. Like Brian said, there is something sacred when our children write.So beautiful and deep. Thank you for sharing

  2. >OH! This makes me want to cry for her tender heart too. What a bright and gifted girlie you have. The apple does not fall far from the tree. 🙂

  3. >Like mother, like daughter in MANY ways–the 'good' ways. NOT to infer there are any 'bad' ways–grin! OMG!I can dig myself a deep hole even without using a shovel!!!I'll miss YOU, Sweet German Girl!Love, and PEACE!Steve E

  4. >Oh, she's got her mama's poetry in her!Wow! The line about the people thinking they were just sitting there silent, but it was far from so, and how she described it it — brilliant!I am so happy you shared this.xo

  5. >Purely true and to have a friendship that doesn't require words is a special blessing. Please tell her thank you. Gracias. Danka. etc.