intentional fallacy

instead of
playing soccer versus palm trees,
romping like baby turtles over white-washed sand,
get wet  in “love me ocean” arms

instead of
drinking your azure blue treasures
and drowning splish-splash in your boyish smile

life hit me
like an avalanche
one-fifty miles per hour
oxygenated suffocation
before we crash


haven’t linked up with Galen’s friday flash 55 for a while – but today i managed to say it in 55 words… 


>black socks

of a working week,
piled on
the bedroom floor
like artwork,
a tower of sweat,

profit or loss
& raw mornings,
scratching dark sky
growing moonwards

& somedays i dream
i’d buy the world
black wool
off-thread &

i unbalance my soul

& walk barefoot
for the rest of my days

give it a try and say it in 55 words.. i’m linking up with galen for 
g-man’s friday flash 55



your neck
got ya

(& how does love sound)

high pitched
hard riffed

with you
& us

filled up

(& what makes us move stressed)


(getting real – getting on)

all ways
with you
and us
drag me


a music prompt in 55 words..
i’m linking up with Galen for  g-man’s friday flash 55  and with
the One Stop Poetry music prompt – join us, write a poem inspired by the breath-taking guitar piece “Always with me, Always with you” by Joe Satriani

>a grass green moment


i need a rest,

a grass green moment
in a purple dress

a heart to beat against mine
da – dumm – da – dumm

a veil of pollen spread on my eyes
and lightblue tunes
singing soft songs

breathing against my breast 
netting my lips with moist
morning dew,  e r u p t i n g

when our tongues start to dance

yeah – try and say it in 55 words.. i’m linking up with galen for g-man’s friday flash 55 

(..and in case you care for a read, click the above player)


>tonight we dance,
dance the year

like firework
like moonwalker
like emulsion

neglect where we come from,
forget where we go

hang on to the stars with
odd smiles; silent orbits
washing down,

rubbing eternity with
skinned elbows, emptying

all our pockets
to be filled, filled again
once we land or choose, drifting

                      in space..

what can you say in 55 words? i’m linking up with g-man’s friday flash 55

Wishing you all a fantastic start into 2011!

>island blues

>what I’d take to this lonely island..? guess
my alto sax 4 bluesy moments, the Book of

him, who keeps my feet from stumbling (the
roots, you know…), 2 or 3 of the old poets who

survived more than just their life & maybe some
duct tape 4 fixing my shattered heart before

– buried beneath sandcastles –

                                    i may find wings

what can you say in 55 words? linking up with g-man


>dragon-flight into my heart, pinpoint landing on a

platform, built of black coffee & wet rain. what
you leave when you leave is much more than

charcoal-dusted smells of blazing fires, consuming

treasures, i didn’t know about, getting lost beneath
piled sugar cubes of hopes & dreams.

today i shout crystal-frost into silence & breathe


what can you say in 55 words? linking up with g-man