it’s easy to fall in love with sevilla



plaza de san lorenzo has a heartbeat that i trace with carbon ink,

doves dance a weird bread crumb rap,

a group of old men drinks black coffee, faces held
as silent offerings into the sun

my bones are stiff from winter

a big snow storm brought me here,
a magic train
a lady with a wand who drags me, talking spanish like big waterfalls, from one window to the next,
a king,
a bridge that no one dares to cross
a broken leg,
a giant backpack

can you feel –her heartbeat?
she asks

i sit silent
at a bus stop
for eternity

as if time was nothing like an empty shell,
a cigarette butt,
dropped on a random sidewalk

as i move, she moves with me,
adjusting to my pace,
she loves me back
and doesn’t

oranges hang ripe and juicy in the streets,
i peel one
put it in my mouth
she’s proud

like a flamenco dancer
&my blood

caught fire in her song


hey there – thought it’s time to catch up with you…. smiles
will make my way around in a bit


19 responses to “it’s easy to fall in love with sevilla

  1. this poem makes me feel even more excited about my first visit to seville. we go there in april. any recommendations for flamenco venues?

  2. This is wonderful… love the Waterfall of Spanish.. the sense that a place can have it’s own heartbeat makes me want to travel…. though actually the winter is quite nice here at the moment… today we did a 20 km skate on the sea… dancing my own dance on ice.

  3. Seville is a magical city. I look at the photos I took sitting in a plaza there and immediately feel the expansive energy of the place. Your poem sums it all up beautifully.

  4. Claudia, it’s so nice to read your words again. As always this one describes your observations perfectly, with color, feeling, and fun. I’ve been to Spain but not to Sevilla. It sounds wonderful.

  5. What a wonderful journey you have taken us on Claudia. Your imagery is spot on – I can picture those coffee drinkers offering their faces to the sun and waterfalls of Spanish, I can hear this.
    Lovely lovely lovely – and it is lovely that you are sharing with us again.
    Anna :o]

  6. So glad you stopped by! Beautiful art and poem also. You had me quite spoiled being able to read your posts more often but when you do write it is a beauty all its’ own. Hope you are well. 🙂

  7. Nice to see you and read you..especially like the snowstorm that brought you there, sitting silent at a bus stop, and the ripe and juicy orange, blood catching v fire!