sans soucis



the king died on his chair
at 2am

it could’ve ended here

i’m in berlin,
for a workshop actually
“sustainability in fashion”

in the mirror is a man, playing the flute

#my vase
#my robe
#my library

“it’s a copy of Versailles”
says someone

“everything’s a copy of—”
the sewer screams against the honks of cars out in the streets of bangladesh,
bent deep
over her work,
worn twice, then piled&bundled up–

her back aches,

almond-colored head cocked slightly to the right,
she’s following the thread’s fine path,
past factory walls, dead rivers– bright
red sky,
and bite by bite it eats
the trees, the fancy clothes, the libraries
king friedrich has collected
eats, EAts, eATs
a hungry beast, born violently,
dressed in rags, deVouRs
the clouds, the day,
the flautist

for a second sp //*Li t –S//

the mirror in two halves

&in the falling,
in the breeze, i see her eyes,
tied tightly

to a piece of fabric


two things mingle here – a visit to the castle Sans Soucis in Berlin-Potsdam and a sustainability-in-fashion-workshop I attended in Berlin last week
the thing is, the most sustainable fashion is the one we don’t buy.. we def. have to re-think how we treat the earth’s resources and consider how the goods we use are made.. often it’s not us that pay the price…


13 responses to “sans soucis

  1. P.S. This is awful of me to say, but the opening makes me think of my husband’s great-grandpa. He died on the toilet (heart attack), and my kids will never forget that most-interesting fact. 😛

  2. Smashing Claudia. I’ve missed reading you for some time and glad to be back. 🙂 So good to have you keep us on our toes! 🙂

  3. I am so glad to see someone address this important topic. I have been reading about fast fashion, and how we need to research where our clothing comes from and buy sustainably. I can see that woman, her hard work, her tired eyes, forever locked on the path of the needle and thread. Paid in pennies.

  4. I so agree and although it is difficult to find things one can actually afford that are made here in the US, I do look for them. Thankfully I have never been a fashion officiando but on other fronts so much is made elsewhere. Really like your post and as always I am happy to see you here! Hope you are well!

  5. I do agree, and given how much clothes I have I think I could give up buying for years… Some firms here in Sweden provide mending of clothes free of charge. I had a pair of jeans that I had fixed and it did not even cost me anything…

  6. Your fine words have moved me Claudia and sad I am. Sad for the almond coloured woman, her eyes tied to the fabric, she as throw-away as the clothes that she makes.
    Anna :o]