when the walls
come close
like a sallow haze
which blurs my sight
and unsettles
my soul

i grab my coat
and escape
to a world
that colors

i climb
the highest tree
and let me wrap
in colored leaves
like in a blanket

and float
towards the ground
without a care
how deep the fall
might be

i boldly taste
the berries
of despair
and suck
their reddish flesh
like they could bring
some comfort

and while i
slowly drift
i feel
a whispering wind
brush shades of color
to my skin
with gentle hand

and gliding down
on autumns wings
a humming soil
embraces me
with moistly kisses
before i melt
and wither
into friendly ground

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59 responses to “>iFall

  1. >ha. for me this is very playful and childlike…climbing trees to catch a leaf down…the stained fingers from sucking berries…i like it…nice one shot claudia!

  2. >Nice. Another fresh take on autumn. Like Brian, I see your imagination reverting to the child inside. Perpective from within the tree of color was cool.

  3. >Claudia, everytime I read your words, I feel as if I'm experiencing the words themselves, the actions. I don;t know if I'm explaining this right; let me just say I love this poem.

  4. >I read this several times. It's so beautiful. I didn't feel the childlike aspect. I felt it go deeper, an introspective view of life when we fall and taste the bitter berries.

  5. >augh, so lush and dreamy! an incredible mix of emotions as well; passion, escape, beauty and a touch of suffering & then relief… ahhh the experiences of life.very beautiful poem!

  6. >I am just enjoying how much inspiration can autumn bring to us, this is too lovely..like a fresh wind in a fall night..tenderly tickling the senses..loved the berries imagery..TOO BEAUTIFUL Claudia..:)

  7. >You create some interesting images with "sallow haze" and "berries of despair" and "humming soil". All the action verbs keep the poem moving, just like those leaves falling to the ground.You also bring the familiar to mind, how we all have wrapped ourselves "in colored leaves/like in a blanket".Nice play on the words "fall" and "falling", too.

  8. >FALL!!I can feel it through your words.One of my fav seasons.Amazing how your words can take us to the experience.I love the part…and gliding down on autumn wings,a humming soil embraces me.Beautiful one shot!

  9. >beautiful Claudia – may i say not only is this a lovely fall piece…let me say i believe within just the past few months you have truly found your own voice and style that gets better with every piece….always look forward to reading your work…bkm

  10. >Oh this really took me to when I was a child. Climbing trees, looking for the most beautiful leaves.Wonderfully written, you send images to my brainWysteria

  11. >thank you for leaving an encouraging comment on my poem 'The Mirror'this poem is pain, Wow! Beautifully written and like Nick R. said, clever structuring. It was like I was right up there with you. Autumn, my favorite time of year.If you get a moment, check out Autumn Trails and An Autumn walk on my blog.thank you so much for visiting me I look forward to reading more of your workTake careHope

  12. >Truly magical beauty you've written here Claudia…in love with the second to last stanza, but fully beautiful withought any doubt…. ~April

  13. >Claudia, I just love this piece. Expecially,..a whispering windbrush shades of colorto my skinwith gentle hand..So trueYou wrapped it up so perfectly in the end. It came full circle and left me with a smile on my face.Thanks Claudia

  14. >For me the most beautiful part was at the beginning – the description of your enclosure before you were to escape – when the wallscome close like a sallow haze >>superbwhich blurs my sightand unsettlesmy soul >> yes I love all this stanzaGreat poem my friendWarmest SaladLuke @ WordSalad

  15. >I absolutley adore this poem, it makes me feel sad, yet peaceful – the way that nature nurtures our souls without trying to fix what is ours to fix…