don’t let the weather dictate your journey//just saying–

two bears
from bubblegum
said “let’s explore the world!
from Asia into Scotland &
from everywhere to everywhere” so yeah
they had big fun, crossing the globe
in a marshmallow boat
with chocolate sails
pierced ears
the monkeys mock—
“ooooh, what a waste of time!
they should’ve knitted scarves&gloves
for when sir winter throws his kilt upon
the world it will be cruelsome cold
and in their bubble coat
they will freeze stiff
the bears build huge
pink gyroplanes with snow
flakes as their rotor blade&in
the air they swing with felty chest hair curl-
ing funny in the wind&sing
an easy song i can’t
translate //instead//
just sing
along 😉


smiles… ok i had a bit fun with this one… gay challenges us to write to a form that she invented… more at 3pm EST when the dVerse pub doors swing open…


26 responses to “don’t let the weather dictate your journey//just saying–

  1. i like that you finally bring yourself in there in the end…it grounds it a bit…fantastical writing…a bit of zaniness…and darn those mocking monkeys….smiles…

  2. It sounds as if you had fun with this one. Love the idea of traveling bears. I have a hard time with forms so I shall try and give it a shot later today and see what happens.

  3. These bears are really special bears, I think….with their pierced ears and pink gyroplanes! What fun to read your wordplay, Claudia.

  4. Well, this wonderful bit of whimsy left me smiling, though I dare not check the foot lines or rhyme schemes; just heartedly enjoyed the ride with monkey & bears.

  5. Well this was fun! Your imagination is out of sight and fabulous. And I give you props on the form! I can hear you speaking it (lucky I have heard you, isn’t it? Although you have given everyone your voice in recordings over the years!). I would say you made it work exactly with syllable count and I like your slant rhymes. Nothing felt forced here, or a slave to the form which is what we all aim for. Rather it makes it jolly like a children’s story. I really loved it.

  6. I wonder if it’s one of the stories you might have told your will make an awesome grandmother someday..the kilt of winter..nice.

  7. … ya … winter is coming … greetings from the great white north … sigh … let’s sing … and snuggle … and hibernate …

  8. Whimsy! Love it! “Cruelsome cold” among the many wonderful word combos here. And as always you make it look so darned easy. Reads like the rocking of that marshmallow boat : ) Thank you!

  9. I can imagine you grinning like the Cheshire Cat! Perhaps you were wandering in the hallowed space down the rabbit hole with your dragon guest, Puff? My head is spinning…