i thought i had the time to read a book last week

image by Brooke Shaden

image by Brooke Shaden


“the birth of snow
goes never easy” she says,
time squished tight//against her hip
an oil lamp–

i wore my heels and a black negligée
with roses stitched all over it
for hubs’ return
after 12 hours driving over austrian mountain passes

“snow on top of them//blue sky//so beautiful”
he’s breathless
&night leans full breasts towards our silhouettes
as we sit bent
over the kitchen table, maps&flyers spread

“the walls have cracks” i say,
we’re outside
in the wilderness
&i wear wollen overknees //for the contrast

“you’re cold?”
“i’m good” i smile, brushing chunks of autumn from my hair
into the night’s //embrace
&snowflakes on his face, he asks “you had a good week?”
“yeah– despite the chopping boards that molded in the dishwasher”
“i don’t believe it”
“they looked nice//and colorful” i laugh,
pouring a cup of tea

&dim the lamp
&shake the snow– to featherbeds

“it is a stable probably” i say
“with cow and donkey in the corner”

really// you can’t see it


&i’m a watchman// shepherd,
breathing apple scent with full, red lips
kick my heels into a corner
but keep
the woolen stockings on


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42 responses to “i thought i had the time to read a book last week

  1. … dim the lamp and shake the snow is just around the corner in this part of the world … remembering many “situations” here after 3 years of togetherness … some where really good … some where really really bad … so … ya … we’ll see … Happy Equinox, C … Love, cat.

  2. ‘night leans full breasts towards our silhouettes’ ~ love the metaphor here…~ wow, enjoyed the play of ‘ heels and a black negligée’ with ‘“snow on top of them//blue sky//so beautiful”…really reminds the scene from “Snow Queen”almost like in ballet…so after that I was expecting the character starting to dance….smiles…
    ~ in this context ‘the woolen stocking’ cold be handy… :)x

  3. This made me smile a bit, Claudia, as I pictured the heels and black negligee (with roses stitched!) along with woolen stockings. And…for me, the birth of snow always comes too early, no matter when it arrives!

  4. I enjoyed this smug and sweet glimpse into your life. I have been to Austria and remember the snow-capped mountains there, even in summer. And I did not know chopping boards could melt. 🙂

  5. I specially like the birthing of snow and imagery of featherbeds or stable with cow and donkey in the corner 🙂 I’ll keep the woolen stockings on too ~

  6. Nice to welcome hubby home after his ride through snow. I love what the art work inspired – a dreamily woven scene of nighttime sensuality. Wonderful.

  7. I am surrounded by mountain ranges here too, and the summer glacial bikinis are becoming full mantles of ice again, purest white against our NW blue skies. I wish the snow would stay up there, just to enjoy at a distance. So nice to read, to witness the rebirth/reconstruction of relationship within your poetics; makes me smile, weep, & applause all at once.

  8. “brushing chunks of autumn from my hair
    into the night’s //embrace”

    I don’t know why but I loved that line. It’s stayed with me. The physicality of it is beautiful.

    Greetings from London.

  9. Your ability of creating images–both in words and watercolor–is wondrous. I especially relished this line :
    &night leans full breasts towards our silhouettes
    as we sit bent
    over the kitchen table, maps&flyers spread

  10. I think it is your authentic honesty that is so endearing, Claudia, as you describe moments of your life for us to share. Love those same lines that Victoria and others mentioned and the image of the negligee with roses and legwarmers for contrast.

  11. A warm, inviting glimpse into how sexy woolen stockings can be 🙂 Seriously, a delicious peak into the importance of talking and sharing smiles and the days’ journey. Lovely.

  12. A lovely narrative. Your first lines are so strong. When a poem starts so well two things can happen, I think, either the reader gets his-her hopes picked up, knowing if this is the start, what’s to come….or the reader is thrown to the rocks when the rest of the poem is just unable to meet the high standard set.
    No worries there, a great read.

  13. nice….some wonderful allusions in there…the stable and donkey….what a treat for hubs as well…ha…the last stanza is def my fav part…

    i will catch up over the next couple days….smiles.

  14. Like the way the unrealized anticipation of reading a book, which is mentioned in your title, is tossed aside and forgotten when you welcome him home. Great imagery throughout, Claudia.

  15. All the images are delightful…and the caring playfulness between the two of you…love that the chopping boards molded in the dishwasher. There is a lot to be said for the life of a shepherdess!