“hey, i’ll help you sort ‘em once we reach the top” i say to the little boy with messed up skis and sticks, sitting on the chairlift next to me


that’s where we had dinner after our day in the mountains… i just fell in love with the colors after all the snow…smiles

walls cRaSh in on me
i call my husband
“wanna take me to the mountains?”
“dunno, really — have to check”


i so need to breathe
speed/fall in the slope’s white cleft
feel the wind whip
my face&

the same mad urgency
like asking him
to make love to me on days that–

“wait, ok, i’ll check with my boss”


in the evening,
i put my snowboard
next to the piano, rucksack,
piles of clothes, skis–
feel the moon’s unsteady heartbeat,

chunks of fabric missing
in my snow pants
“ugh, you need new ones”
“nah, i’m good”

“meet at 12?”

i run fingers,
quivering & impatiently
along night’s wide velvet chest,
stripped bare
to the northwind  b l o  W   i  nG
million snowflakes
in my face


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63 responses to ““hey, i’ll help you sort ‘em once we reach the top” i say to the little boy with messed up skis and sticks, sitting on the chairlift next to me

  1. … can not remember, how many I have said: “Please” … and was not be heard in time, at least not my time 🙂 … see if I care … smiles … so now I just go and take … you are a lucky ducky, C 🙂 Love, cat.

  2. i have those points when life is crashing in that i just need to get away…retreat to the mountains…to give myself space to think and to allow my heart to surface…smiling at the holy pants…nah, they are just well broke in…

  3. There are those times in life that one wants to leave one’s reality behind for a time and head for the mountains to regain one’s perspective and to be able to breathe freely again…..that is the message I take from your poem, and I SO understand your message, Claudia! I like very much the ending with the wind and snowflakes blowing in your face; and I can feel the exhilaration that you must feel.

  4. I would pick either mountains or the ocean (loudest ocean, with bluffs and jutting rock faces for the waves to make noise on) . If mountains, I wouldn’t ski, but listen and look and breathe deep. It’s been a rough winter here in Michigan, so a tropical island sounds a bit okay too.

    “fall in the slope’s white cleft”….favorite line

    Hey C. You can find me now at gallenbarrett.wordpress.com


  5. You capture the “Going outside the walls” so brilliantly in steps, each one an opening until my favorite image: “i run fingers,
    quivering & impatiently
    along night’s wide velvet chest,
    stripped bare”

    in my own realms, I have felt chest to chest with the night!

  6. Sounds good to me. The cold air is terrific. I have been cross country skiing like mad– I go very slowly! But moving about the snow is so great. You tell a whole story here. K.

  7. There are those occasions.. and yes then it’s time to let go and just be gone into the mountains… (mine is planned for easter). I love cold air and sun warming my face. Sounds so good to have it close… and up North the best winter is mid April… 🙂

  8. Stunning, sensual, desperate, seducing, pining for the ice kiss, the snow blow, the need for speed, the purge of urban clutter–wow, this is one of my new faves of your work; has all the Claudia first person filter movement, yet there is whimsey & beauty in its simplicity; boffo, dear lady, brilliant.

  9. I love the colors in the drawing & drawing itself, smiles ~ I think we all need breathing space for ourselves, give us a fresh perspectiveo on things ~ And we are going to get a million snowflakes yet, yikes ~

  10. what a passionate write… we all need some “getaway” time.. with stress the world puts on your shoulders; those getaways are the times when we can be free and unapologetically nude.

  11. Ah, so you’re the kind lady who helps me son get off the chairlift with all of his belongings still attached to him…
    I love the skiing but now I want to know about all those days that…

  12. Brilliant – I particularly loved this part, showing us just how much you wanted it:

    the same mad urgency
    like asking him
    to make love to me on days that-

    That says it all!

  13. That last stanza…just love it. The whole way you write, Claudia just makes me feel I am in a live theater…I sit, mouth open gulping the story. But the end,,,made me really smile…that velvet and quivering, snowflakes …love.

  14. Love your watercolor and of course the great story you share — I agree with @enthusasticallydawn when she says that it is like “being in live theater”!
    And I believe a road trip always helps us breathe – joanie

  15. ahh yes!…those colors in that restaurant would be a sight for sore eyes after all the white. Love how you captured that feeling of needing to escape other things/concerns/life stuff, leaving them behind for awhile and just getting free and feeling alive. Tingly stuff!

  16. Every time I stop by your blog I miss my daughter–today the tears are blowing and rolling–she is likely to stay in Munich for another year–so I think I have to find my way there–love the closing here Claudia!

  17. After this week, I can imagine why you would want to get that snowboard and run to the mountains. I have never been into snow sports (growing up in California, I suppose) but you made the experience come alive.

  18. an escape sounds quite nice…not sure I’d find mine on the slopes (more likely in the hospital after I smash into a tree).

  19. You made me smile and smile, I don’t ski, but I feel those walls crashing in on me, cabin fever taking hold…

    I just love the way you pick up little threads of everyday life and weave them into beautiful poetry. By the end, I could feel that wind, blowing on my face, too.

  20. Yes, you led us down the mountain with you, wind and snow on our faces and the soul renewing and stretching itself with much needed fresh air and space.

  21. Feeling the love, the stress, the joy of release here Claudia. It’s time to blow your sax again I think and breathe. Life goes so fast, faster the older you get – childhood seemed to take forever…my husband died 23 years ago now and it feels like yesterday. Live life full — that is who you are; yet, I want to thank you for stopping and showing me your roses in the snow.

  22. “I so need to breathe” and “feel the moon’s unsteady heartbeat,”-just lovely and the ultimate-the last para-how perfect!Love it Claudia:-)

  23. There is nothing like filling the lungs with clean air. However, I’m afraid the cold and snow send me running for the nearest fire! Fortunately, we have been experiencing what seems to be a very early Spring for the last few weeks…
    Claudia, your painting is so inviting!

  24. Nothing like being free in the snow. It certainly cleared off the tensions.Grand road trip and great water-colors, Claudia! Nicely!


  25. here and there i’ve thought about night’s chest and the scene of skiing since i read it when it arrived in my inbox.

  26. “Feel the moon’s unsteady heartbeat” – I love this phrase. There’s something magical about the moon and its calling to us as we feel anticipation or longing and this captures it right up next to the ordinary every day picture of all the stuff piled up ready to go. Great poem.