1000 bungee jumps to hit the sea

i slide— chhsssskkk shhhhtzzz
flatsssSh free fall
in a poodle’s curls (he shakes me off/of course),
onto the red-haired woman’s serviette
and shhhhllggg– suCKed dry

“better luck next time” i smile
“sunny beam me uP”
(travel body-less–
ok– almost/but it sounds good–eh?)

attempt 864: (no helmet)
juMp/juMP/JumP (millions of us)
tree crown//bird’s nest// blue umbrella/pink dotS
& hit concrete
right in the face (ouch)
(lose hold– hiTsLLasssh)

— a tumBling wetCrowd in this drain
down/doWn/dowN into the dark/cold
piPeslide /rollercoast (suCH fun)–

& spit out in the mouth of night
(almost poetic– eh? i need a brEaK)

saltwater in my eyes/
(no one told me how it buRns)
i ride the waves/slide frOTHShellTide
(and it’s much better than
i ever dreamt it wouldB–)
driFt a bit (just so)
before the sun’s hot breath gets hold
& i’m/dense fog/
on the way up again


Victoria tends the Poetics bar at dVerse today and has us writing poems for children… fun… smiles.ย  hope you give it a try and join us when the doors open at 3pm EST.. i’m on a business trip to Zรผrich for a few days – so will be in and out as time allows..

39 responses to “1000 bungee jumps to hit the sea

  1. run little raindrop….this would make a pretty cool pixar short….the perspective of a raindrop parachuting to earth and all the fun it had…i could def see a kid getting into that…..smiles…love the energy and sound.

  2. ANd I like how it is when you make it, after the burn, when the impulse reigns to get back up there in the clouds and try again! Wait…condensation is just that! Cool.

  3. A kid’s mind you can do here at your zoo, finding some fun with a bungee jumping run. Wear goggles so nothing gets in your eyes next time lol

  4. Hmm…those of us with acrophobia will only experience such events through poetry like yours….which has reinforced my fears..something about concrete and face. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. … always wanted bungee jump … only thing is, I’m scared of heights … some heights more than others … actually despise some heights of thinking so much , I would not mind jumping them in order to bring them down … with me. Peace. Love, cat ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Since a bungee cord is connected at the top somewhere, perhaps the playful rain drop is connected to the cycle of condensation, and he/she/it was pulled as mist off a fresh water pond/lake/puddle so that when it merges with sea water it was not prepared for the reality of salt; or perhaps a rain drops adventures can not be tethered to fact or fate; loved just hanging on for the divers descents.

  7. such fun, Claudia – i may just have to try bungee jumping one of these days ๐Ÿ™‚ – & yes to what Mary said, would LOVE to hear you read the poem (pretty please?)

  8. I liked the action and onomatopoetic use of languge. Maybe I’m more of recluse than I thought. I had no dea this was a bungee jump–the rain yes–bungee I was cluelss but my bad Claudia. >KB

  9. You have and write with such wonderful imagination complete with sound effects โ™ฅ I remember my older sister teaching me to body surf at the beach when I was about 8. It was a glorious feeling.

  10. Where’s the painting?
    We’ll have to wait till next week’s class.
    You’ll have a whole generation of kids mix their upper and lower case now…

  11. Me too…have to just take it in an let it fall all over you….love the images here of parachuting, rain, and bungee jumping. all of which appeals to kids!

  12. Oh, my goodness! This was so fun to read. I read it out loud playing with the sounds of the words and letters. It was a grand ride – going back for another jump.

  13. I never found salt water to hurt my eyes…However, that’s not the point here!

    Claudia, you are Ultra clever to create an explanation of whence comes rain, via a brilliant connection between bungee jumping and those gentle drops from heaven upon the place beneath….


  14. This is fun…all the water made me think of just how much my kids (and many other kids I know) just love to play in water…never have gone bungee jumping, and probably won’t ha…too afraid of the *snap*!