a title / name / a brand&–

i’m not afraid of
white (or empty) spaces
says the morning to the dew,
or the crow
to the sky? the rain to–

wherever they might come from
we fillFill our pockets with ’em
& i even put some in the folds
of the pink tie i wear

(& why i do– you don’t wanna hear
that story, really)
but some people are replaceable
like their titles,
like the little, empty frames
you run through a projector


flash/flash /light
bright smile & words
that cause no harm,
(neither do something good)
bendable– in each direction

“you don’t think so?”
“so what kind of car you drive?”
“doesn’t matter?”
we agree

& i say “waiter,
one more red for me please”
just to see it sparkle in the soft shine of a night
you’d put on shelves (usually)
(after bottling it in bulgy bowls,
no intention to re-open)

“oh– This wine has character” i mumble
“yes, it has”
& we understand
what each of us says,

without the necessity
to name it


ha – ok… had to write my heart into words a bit… sometimes you expect a lot from people with big titles but… well… smiles.. still on a business trip… linking up with no one and nothing – simply cause i have no time to visit – those who find me – find me – and i will comment back… just gimme a bit time…smiles


22 responses to “a title / name / a brand&–

  1. I really like that. Right? Can we agree?
    I think there could be more in this
    be for the worst in nameless name
    no car nor light it is a shame
    sole laughter on through bliss
    a brand is blame a word is sea

  2. Love my 2012 Ford Fusion though, not cheap, but necessary for the distances we have to drive here in order to get from A to B ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. So many illusions of importance have been created and embedded in our minds…I wonder sometimes if we can even begin to identify them all without a lot of self-examination…oh just a random thought once again engender by you fine poetry.

  4. smiles. titles are titles, but not the people behind them you know….one thing i really was not fond of in the banking industry…the big titles…it was the people behind them that mattered more…some were good…others were…well….not bad when you can know what each other are thinking though…

    whew…i was starting to shake from withdrawls….just saying…

  5. I think titles are replaceable! What a person does is much more significant than a title he/she claims. And yes, cars don’t matter….if they run. And red wine sounds good to me. Hope your business trip is going well, Claudia!

  6. Your first 2 lines /I am not afraid/of white (or empty) spaces/ seem to be tribute to all poets, who venture unafraid onto white emptiness before the spilling of their poetics cover some portion of it. At first your lines about people with long impressive titles, who are held up to the light, and one expects more from them, made me flash on the wonderful, sometimes baffling, long titles that you & Brian tend to choose; a terrific stylistic parallel writing quirk you both share. Sorry to miss you over at dVerse 2nite, traveling lady, but your poetics still blazon across the synapse that remain extant this morning.

  7. NOT afraid of white space–I just fill it with blackness–grin!

    Whatcha drive?
    A 2013 Suzuki Burgman Executive 650cc 55 mpg…is that not EXCITING?
    Etc., etc…..
    Claudia I’ve been reading this piece over and over, looking for that deepest philosophy of YOurS, and tranSL8ing to readable script (HA!)…when I find that no “searching” required. WYSI, etc.

    OH! I never keep wine longer than 23 hours, it turns to vinegar (is that correct?–I never got to find out!)–MINE turned to vinigarette–grin!

    HEY I enjoyed this sililoquy, a change from your usual style. Almosy like a holiday.

  8. your mind, Cloudy… another interesting piece full of external and internal dia/monologue. You make ordinary life seem exciting, and that’s what a good poet does. The big in the small.