next time we’ll paint people– bring some magazines along

the pic i made in the course..

the watercolor painting i made in the course..

“be careful” he says,
“this will puddle in ways we don’t want here”
takes my brush and does some first aid,
it’s the same

classroom i’ve sat as a teen before,
now in a row with 14 women, average age 66,
(which makes me feel really like a school kid)

we’re painting autumn in the form of leek,
pears, pumpkins, quinces (badly bruised with
dark spots on their yellow-greenish skin)

i love the garden smell & not sure how to start it
properly, grab my brush “no wait”
he takes a pencil “make a drawing first,
it’s easier then” “ok” &–

this is my first ever watercolor course
i’m the only new face
“how long have you been painting?”
i ask the white haired lady
with dark button eyes who’s sitting next to me
“forever” she says “fun–”

“yeah” he walks by “let this dry first–
otherwise it all will blur &–”
i wait, stroll around the room to look what others do
“love the colors of your pumpkin”
i say to the fancy dressed, dark haired woman
& she smiles, putting tiny dots across its jagged skin

“maybe a bit more red here?” he suggests
“you’re a friend of Sabine, right?” “yes” i smile
“how did you know?” “she told me you’d come, her son
is in my school class” “way cool” &
he takes one of the paintings, walks up to the front,

“what do you think about the empty space up here?”
we all have different ideas

“don’t leave your brushes standing in the water”
they become like brooms then” MaGic, isn’t it
& i might fly as well on top of one// in a lime green,
spar(c)ling watercolor dot/DotBlurWashDress,
hair curling carefree in the wind–

i pack my bag, wave into the round
the tiny lady with the cat-head earings says
“did you like it? — you’ll be back next week?”
“yeah” i smile

& step out in the dark
where my car blinks crimson clavilux
(awww– thanks for waiting on me–)

as the locks snap open


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55 responses to “next time we’ll paint people– bring some magazines along

  1. I like this, Claudia. It brings back memories of some painting classes I had taken. The ‘white-haired lady’ is familiar. I think I know her too. There were a lot of people who took these classes ‘forever’ where I went too. Scary to sit as a beginner among them at first. I used to walk around the room too and see what others did. I like the painting you came up with. You’re going to have to have a ‘gallery room’ in your home. Smiles.

  2. … I always have hated instructions of any kind … but especially when it comes to art and math … love both …but rejecting … instruction … had a grade 7 teacher once … Miss. Harms … she understood me so well… finally and luckily… Blessed be, Miss |Harms.

  3. def got my memories going back to art class as well…i wish i had more time to delve into art these days…maybe soon…there is such a synergy that happens there in the creation…the being in one place and taking a bit from each other….some cool interactions in your poem as well…smiles.

  4. Once again we travel with you vicariously into the special moments of your life…had to smile as you moved around the classroom and discussed your classmates…thanks for all the warm feelings.

  5. Truly enjoyed this class tonight. My bike was outside…waiting on me. Ain’t that sweet?–grin! I’m telling you Claudia, you HAD ME THERE in class with brush in hand. I did “water” once, no instructor–and everything ran into everything else, color-wise. terrible.

    Yours? VERY nice. It’s a picture I can look at many minutes, and recognize the talent–and the work–while thinking (shhhh–thinking…) “this girl, so young, so much time to grow her talent in so many disciplines”…
    enough thinking, but YOU GOT CLASS, lady!

    I don’t like that yellow thing…actually, I don’t really like YELLOW. HA!

  6. I like the interesting back and forth perspective that goes on of the instructors monologue and your conversations. Both you and brian use conversation so effectively. It’s something I rarely use . I stick to persona monologues most often. >KB

  7. I have waited for some more details from your watercolor courses already since you commented on it. Love the description of those ladies, how you feel young among all the painter that have being doing this forever… in a way the same I felt when I went to the pub the first night.. There were a certain softness in this piece I like a lot… and the term clavilux I had to google— sounds like a great car ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. How nice, Claudia…your painting class…watercolour I plan later… I can see the picture of you, ‘ i might fly as well on top of one// in a lime green,
    spar(c)ling watercolor dot/DotBlurWashDress,
    hair curling carefree in the windโ€“’
    ~ Thanks for sharing

  9. Painting, photography, & poetics, a triple threat right out of the gate, the sprinting blocks. Never got into watercolor, perhaps in my 70’s when I become the next “white-haired” lady. Used to sketch a lot, and do colored pencil & ink drawings, but never took the next step. Like Bjorn, I googled “Clavilux”, and adore the word; hope to remember to use it some time.

  10. I love seeing this class through your eyes… you paint a fabulous picture of the experience with your words. smiles

    and yes, crimson clavilux… fabulous!

  11. I enjoyed being at your first watercolor class with you Claudia: the people, the conversations, tips. A very atmospheric poem! Nice painting too.

  12. The magic does indeed lie between the lines, the older faces, the blemished fruit. Time may be captured in a still life but even there it doesn’t stop but races toward the next season, outside under the crisp leave your ride to the future awaits. Good work, Claudia!

  13. I’m like you – just dive right in. who needs to pencil draw it first, and who cares if it isn’t dry yet or pools there? lol. Nice look into your class and your lovely painting, Claudia. Thanks!

  14. O! Thank you for taking me along! Such a mystery to me making 2-D seem 3-D. My Mom is one of these teachers. I went to a class of hers once–pastel and still lifes–And we were ALL over 60.. What fun. Locks do snap open. But I ended up pulling out my camera to take pictures of her at work. Such smiles.

  15. Perhaps you might want all the colours to mix together? Or perhaps you need to know the ‘rules’ first in order to break them…?! Thank you for taking us along to your class – it felt like I was right there with you!

  16. I love doing crafts and creative things but am not sure I would have the patience to try watercolors. Lovely painting, Claudia, really good detail in the leeks. I’m impressed! Thanks for sharing your story too!

  17. I enjoyed how the room came to life and I felt like I walking around getting glimpses of the artwork. It makes me want to try my hand at something new.

  18. I like the dialogue in your poem, so fun and interesting! As someone else mentioned, it really brings the class to life … I can totally imagine it ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. What fun to be in a painting class and to be painting. Years ago, I, too, was in a similar class. However, I was one of the eldest there – my classmates were elementary school kids. The children were amazing at their unabashed interpretation of things.
    Ah, your poem captured the differences in people’s perspectives.

  20. That white haired lady…I think she’s my mom ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds a bit like that painting class was like dVerse…everyone helping out everyone else, and appreciated each other for what they bring.

  21. Painting classes…i remember attending one on weekends when i was a kid. Brings in such a lovely, *colorful* tide of nostalgia ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Claudia, how cool! I’ve always wanted to draw or paint, but never made the time to go to a class. Any form of art is supposed to enhance our preferred medium. Can’t imagine any improvement on your poetry – already perfect. Lovely painting. Keep having fun with it.

  23. This stirs up the feeling of missing art classes that I can no longer attend… even the awkward nakedness of being a first timer in a new medium. Sigh. even if you never go back, it is good to be a beginner once in a while.

  24. I LOVE this. Reminds me of how wonderful it was to take a creative writing class at the college, and how warming it was to be among others interested in writing – so many of them seniors, but some young ones too, who were wildly talented. The leek painting is absolutely wonderful!

  25. That’s a beautiful painting Claudia! Looking forward to more as the days progress. When I was in art class before we had all kinds. Some show-offs some shy ones and some who were not without excuses all the time with nothing to show! Great write Ma’am!


  26. There is always great joy in learning any art at ANY age..

    I’m finally singing again..playing the piano..dancing..etc..and of course writing too..

    But painting IS something I haven’t done in so long…

    And yOUr poem here is inspiring me to do that too..

    So yOUR words2 here are words of inspiring ART2

  27. I would love to take a watercolor class!! I did a lot of watercolor painting in high school–excellent medium. Fun painting and delightful scene you painted with your words–made me smile ๐Ÿ™‚