tiramisu// a real //italian recipe

messed a bit with this one..smiles.. tiramisu..watercolor and oil sticks..

messed a bit with this one..smiles.. tiramisu..watercolor and oil stick..


2h25– partly active, partly you just wait
how things deVelop–
dark rum (rather off beat– you-
sually i’d take amaretto –4thealmondtaste–),

lady fingers, any size,
sugarCrusted snow field on mount– yeah,
whatever is the name& (really sTrong) espresso,
nightDark pours across sWeet, cracKling skiN,

cool it doWn abit b4– &
no electric mixer (pleaSe),
there’s magic in thoughtful handwork,
egg yolk (maybe six of them, depending
on the siZe) &sugar, stir
(‘til thick and pale), takes

forever but the beauty’s in the texture, pour
fresh mascarpone in the mix (‘til smooth)
(after a while you know
how it’ll look) & take your time
in builDing (careFul(L))

bottom to the top, but–

that’s just me// just as i cannot eat
with oPen eyes, aFraid
to miss the hisSing soFt// microMotionDeep
eXplosions on the tastebuds//
toNgue (rather rough, yet–)
2h25 in average–

not content with less (i’m stubborn)
when it comes to good// italian food
(oh and forget the raw egg warning– really)


at dVerse today, Karin has us writing about anything italian…so… get your pen going, raise the green/white/red flag and join us when we open the doors at 3pm EST– and yes of course… we will have Lasagne on the menu…smiles


45 responses to “tiramisu// a real //italian recipe

  1. So what time is dinner? Let’s see from.. SoCal to Germany..may not make it..but keep me in mind when we head your way…as always a creative approach to poetry.

  2. ha ha (love the raw egg warning) … some things are worth the risk 🙂 I adore that you are painting. I think more poets should do this – art is so closely linked with poetry and vice versa in my opinion. In this day of “instant” over 2 hours is a long wait – but all the sweeter for it! (that’s what we have forgotten!)

  3. oo la….there is just something about cooking you know…smiles…and the good things in life are def about taking your time and doing it right…nothing preprocessed or machine whipped but by hand and with fresh ingredients….smiles….

  4. Italian food is lovely … Greek food is lovelier … German food is even more lovelier … o, I don’t know … I was raised on the road … and road kill … the Greek people where always good to me, when I was little … Mother Merkel should be a bit nicer, when it comes to them … I’m rambling, I know … do I know, how to stop rambling … not really …

  5. My very favorite desert. Made my mouth water.
    (Been busy with lots of company. Will catch up with poems not read). Nice to read your imaginative recipe.

  6. Ayay! You teased my tastebuds, Claudia. Now, I want to make tiramisu even when I have not done it in my life. I even looked up mascarpone, and found a good recipe to make a good substitute after learning that it can be quite pricey. 🙂

  7. Now you have me hungering for tiramisu, Claudia. Enjoyed your wordplay, which played with my tastebuds. I would pass on the raw eggs though.

  8. YOU! yOU clAUdia are an incredible artist! jusT INCREdible! Beauty emanates from every which way. I really love it. Love the painting/drawing. These lines are special: to miss the hisSing soFt// microMotionDeep eXplosions on the tastebuds//
    toNgue (rather rough, yet–)

    Not writing yet – don’t come by, just reading.

  9. Oh! That is really nice. I’d love a bite of it right now. Ha! 🙂
    A very lovely write… step by step… very creative and a really good artwork as well.

  10. Too many of us love to gobble tiramisu but had no earthly idea how to prepare it; lovely premise that mostly we have learned about foreign countries first by consuming their food; another tasty one from you; thanks.

  11. A wonderful flirtation with food .. so revealing of the chef I think!

    there’s magic in thoughtful handwork <like how you slip this piece of philosophy into the mix 🙂

  12. A very crackling version of tirimisu here, rather fiery as well as soft and sweet. A delicious response to the prompt, Claudia, (and possibly my favorite Italian food, after cannoli.)

  13. Oh My Goodness!! I’m coming right over…really, my mouth is watering–and you’re right– something that good has to be eaten with eyes closed 😉