that’s the thing with genes// sLides// fliPs & oat flakes– they’re a bit unpredictable


my kitchen//oat flakes package next to the sink…smiles

“love that sound”
weightless sliding on a sparkling carpet,
rail/box//double cork&

shoulder to shoulder
we watch the olympics
slopestyle men
iPad, backed up
by a book on outstretched legs,

suitcase packed & ready
“21 kilo sharp mom”

4 of them are chocolate,
presents for bolivian friends,
sweet weisswurst mustard
for one of the nuns

“so what’s the first thing
you’ll do when you get there?”
“buying pills against anoxia”

(which makes sense)

“wanna go out for a walk?”

coat thrown over our pajamas,
we pace giggling through the dark,
sideway alleys, rainwet boardwalks

later she’ll text me
from Miami airport
“up for 22 hours —
3 more til my flight goes
but afraid i’ll miss it
if i fall asleep–so–“

just out of bed, i write back
check my watch– too late
she’s taking off in moments,

i brew coffee, slice an orange,
breathe deep, smile&

raceDroP oat flakes– gOGo!!
tuRn/ten-eighty backSide

& spoon in hand,
watch ‘em land,
(safe & happy)

in a bowl
———-of 5am milk


for OLN at dVersePoets – and it’s my turn to serve drinks behind the bar… 3pm EST…
my daughter flew to bolivia on sunday morning…. arrived safely… anoxia is height sickness…


58 responses to “that’s the thing with genes// sLides// fliPs & oat flakes– they’re a bit unpredictable

  1. i know not the easiest to let her go again…
    thanks for sharing these last moments with us…
    she’ll be fine….safe….

    we have been watching slopestyle as well…craziness….ha….but living on the edge….

  2. Seems to me that ‘travel gene’ is active in you family…hmm…I wonder which side of the family it has been inherited from…I think I know. 🙂

  3. … every time my daughter comes back home, I cry … eery time she leaves again, I cry … I don’t know whether we are meant to be a global village … because this village is just too big …

  4. I hope your daughter did not miss her plane and got there safely. I enjoyed your family moments, the Olympics, the walk in your pajamas, the kilos of chocolates and the emails. All small but precious nuggets.

  5. You have given a lot of details that let the reader know what it is like having a daughter fly off into the unknown again. What an adventurous spirit she has. Strikes me that she is her mother’s daughter. (Smiles) I am sure the German chocolate and mustard would be well received. Interesting to think about what special gifts each country has that people elsewhere would appreciate. (I remember the time I asked my German friend to bring me selen & they inspected it in the airport when she went through customs. LOL)

  6. Adventurous life of mom and daughter….very romantic, and the comfy food- very important… Interesting details in painting and poem both attract so much. ~ Happy landing and fun in Bolivia :)xx

  7. Claudia, this is magnificent! I truly enjoyed going through your day with you – visiting with her, experiencing each moment! This is a lovely poem and I really love your paintings! Funny, the first thing that drew me into the painting was the fact that everything is on wheels. Then I thought to myself – this is a European thing and I wonder if Americans will notice it. Then your poem opens with movement and I thought again of the wheels upon the furniture in your delightful painting.

  8. I love how you give words to simple experiences and conversations in such a graceful away. I have now started to relate you with the writing that captures the movement of the days and the passing of light.

  9. Arggh a 5AM breakfast… I could never manage that… but I guess checking the texts is kind of important. So nice to hear that she used part of her luggage for presents.. and that she land safe and sound… sounds so adventurous…

  10. Found your painting on FB yesterday; loved it of course; and what a terrific poem has been whelped from its confines, or yours; Olympics, appliances, gifts, maternal affection, a traveling child–all here, all magnificent; thanks.

  11. prayers rising
    for the mom that waits behind and hopes, and prays
    a remembers years that youth forgets

  12. oh god..people keep ‘reminding’ me about the Winter Olympics but with everything there is .. it’s amazing i could forget again..i guess it’ll be over before i start..

    but thanks for the reminder..and yes i enjoyed your poem..;)

  13. Lots of fun here. You have a knack of including me in your poems. Last night a group of us lazed around watching curling. There is definitely something special about the Olympics.

  14. you spelled out so clearly all the emotions you feel for daughter, pride, concern, love, joy, tenderness… i admire both her spirit and your vivid, visual imagery… as always, a gem.

  15. Very double sketch book–using both sides of the page, stream of consciousness with a difference–like that realistic slice of life carefully trimmed to carry the reader. I love it. I’m going to try again.

  16. Whenever I visit you I feel like I travel the world. Love that picture, too. You just really inspire me…and maybe intimidate me too- are you Wonder Woman? 😉 Enjoy all of your adventures, life snippets from my teeny tiny state in the US.

  17. Claudia, first off, hooray for the illustration! Real whimsy…

    Hard to know your girl is getting into a tin can and taking off… I know, did it with Riley. But Bolivia? You taught me a new word; I almost misread it as “anorexia” and thought, “There are pills for that?” and so, as always, you made me pay attention and read the line again.

    Your writing continues to stay fresh with a beautiful perspective to which so many of us can relate… Thanks! Amy

  18. Creative portrayal of your daughter’s last day at home–like your use of the oat flakes dropping into the milk to reassure you of her safe landing. Nicely done, Claudia.

  19. I love that sound too…the skis scraping along the hardened snow, ice. And love that you go for walks in your jammies with a coat thrown over…fun! I wish your daughter well on her journey…

  20. We’ve been watching the Winter Olympics too and that sense of togetherness is something I cherished so much in my childhood (even without iPad or book as back-up). Good luck to your daughter, even though the house must seem so empty… again.

  21. You took me on your journey through the Olympics, the bond with your baby girl and the letting go, to those early morning moments when you are alone with your thoughts. It’s tough, I have been through it, but thankfully she is only 20 mins away. Hang in there.

  22. I love these snapshots of the sights, sounds and conversations in your life Claudia, they are both intimate and somewhat universal (love of travel, of child, of adventure). Very cool. I trust the nun liked her treat?

  23. Nice little slice of life you put in our day. I’d put it in my coffee, the thoughts of you missing your daughter, and the laughter of a pajama walk, and the bravery of a mom letting go. I pray all goes well for her and that the altitude adjustment isn’t too difficult. Moving from Maryland to Colorado was a big adjustment for me as a distance runner…
    I’m sitting here at the bar, so may I have an extra dry, Beefeaters martini, up, with a twist, NO OLIVES. Thanks. Nice place. Gonna wander around the tables and meet folks, drink in hand.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  24. kind of cool how things like the Olympics and Poetry are things that can be enjoyed by those around the world. Loved your poetic interpretation of slope-style! I find that since meeting so many people here at dVerse, when I watch the Olympics, I’m cheering for Canada (because I’m proudly Canadian), but I’m thinking of my new friends like you (when I see Germany compete) or Bjorn when I see the Swedish flag. This poetry site has certainly made my world smaller…and much richer!!

  25. Children, uh! 🙂 I wish your daughter a safe journey and stay. I’ve heard Bolivia is an amazing country. My children’s former piano teacher went to Bolivia in the summer and he had a ball. Beautiful poem. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.