dropping sixteen bars

no text in his hands, he bends his
own beat, leads with his voice,
raps the spotlight, word_kites, the
place crowded, he’s young, the heat
is on and it’s

loVE // LOve // LOVE

that starts with a song and a
dream and Snow, falling slow_ly,
making it CoverThePain, plain, real,
Real_ly you feel the plastified emotions,
corrosion of life, don’t ya? & DEEP_er,
they walk, INject, INTERact

soaring high and their souls melt,
kindred, unhindered into the place,
this space where all the shit cannot harm,
where it’s warm, safe and the
BRACE // BRACE shouts are only heard
when it’s too late already, between fading

reality, conventionality, this is special,
no crying & slowly dying to the past,
to the last fuckin’ frightening experience,
different this time and the song,
the Song plays on and–

it is cool, Extraordinary, particularly
off-beat & dang, it’s just them and
non-conform, off the norm, breath-
less sex when– it gets out of control, who
can tell? shards start to carve
deep holes into skin & soul, they

paint ‘em pink steam with another
dream, inhale the grass that will last
a few hours more when they get
to the core of what matters will smash &
crash on smeared tiles as they lose

track of the way, the stop, the Better_Not,
the blood drunk sheets where dreams
glow & doped nightmares grow—NO!! fear,
HEAR– the song, The song plays on,
multiplied sixteen bars, rapped
with calm breath, controlled heat,
as he bends & blends– into the beat


wrote this after visiting a poetry slam sunday night..was a great evening with some challenging texts..

…and it’s this time of the week again where we rap and throw verse all over the place, where we let our word-kites fly and have a great time at dVerse Poets pub… Joe Hesch will be tending bar tonight…see you 3 pm EST..