cause i still trust

pour me–

some wine,
undress me slowly,

no candles, music, it’s all
in my head, no light, i

see you anyway as much
as you can feel me wrapped,
wrapped wide in darkness, we

sailed out there many times, i blow &

blow you with soft lips until
the waves swallow your moans,

so find your rhythm, then
sink slowly into me until we scratch that range
between the chasm and the sun, it’s like i

always lose– myself but

you’ve prepared a space for me to be
& mad with longing you still

hold & keep me safe, so

Pour me—

pour me some wine,
un– dress me slowly

cause i still, i

still trust

this is my poem for the Poetics prompt at dVerse Poets Pub, hosted today by the wonderful hedgewitch…come and join us with your poetry…you will love what hedge has written up for us…gates open 3 pm EST

i’ve also been interviewed for Deanna Piowaty’s Combustus Magazine together with a 78-year-old nia black belt & dance instructor, a Greek painter, an American painter, a Norway photographer, an Italian pianist…and…and…i’m humbled to be in one article with such great can read the interview here: the many faces of eve 


not yet there

we lie like dreamers
between yesterday’s sun
and the rippled hopes
of tomorrow,

squished tightly
into sandy silence,
bound to the base and

covered with seaweed,
we patiently wait

for the open sky to
breathe the breath
of its children and

bent low,
knees covered with mud,
we scribble
bits & pieces of our life
into wobbly ground,

the wind blows us
even and
your stubble on my skin

feels wild like the waters
we rise

Today’s one shoot sunday prompt was shot by UK photographer Fee Easton


>your steps on the floor
make me count minutes,
heartbeats and years, gone by
like rush hour trains. fighting sleep
and listening to your late night
sound – the music, microwave
and beeping of your phone.

i peel out of bed like
an orange to sleepwalk upstairs
where you smell of metal, pizza
and the lavish warmth of youth,
kiss your astonished smile and
just hold you close for a while.
next morning

i will read on facebook,
there’s nothing better than
returning late & tired from a
hard day’s work and sleepy mom
creeps out of bed just so, to kiss
and say she loves you.. and nine
of your cool friends will have
pressed the “like” button

>love force


                                                  red heat
                                                  in your voice
                                                  burns my lips,
                                                      makes magic spin
                                                      through my brain
                                                      when it stops
                                              dead and
                                              music falls
                                              silent like
                                                    we do when
                                                    you drink me
                                                    like wine
                                                    bent over
                                                    the well of
                                                   forever to be,
                                            soothe my flames
                                            with your tongue,
                                                   spread wings wide and
                                               from heaven we fall,

                                               cascading the night,
                                               the canvas we
                                               paint on with
                                                     bold strokes
                                                     soaking dry sheets
                                                     with slow dripping sweat
                                                     give up
                                                     fear and

photo credit for this amazing picture: Jonas Gerard
Jonas Gerard Fine Arts is a working studio/gallery located in the River Arts District of Asheville, North Carolina. If you would like to see more of Gerard’s artwork or read more of his story please visit their website.