Poetics: Thieves

i still long to fall asleep
to the soft, reassuring rattling of the rails,
tiny girl, tousled hair & mind

with rosy cheeks, i’m wandering
like the queen of mysteries
through tenderly vibrating wagons,

masked as Hercule Poirot
this is the Orient Express,
surveying secrets while the land flies by,

quiet and greased with fingerprinted paintings,
heated forehead tightly pressed against the glass

i’m thinking of Meg Ryan and this off-beat guy
smuggling vine to plant his future
and they kissed and kissed and–

Erich Kästner’s Emil on his ride to Berlin,
pinning hundred D-Mark to his jacket & he still
gets robbed while sleeping, i–

rub my eyes,

tack my dreams with safety pins close to my heart,
stitch them carefully onto my skin and

watch the rails race by
on magic places of my early childhood,
this is – yes – through open toilet lids

i shudder in deep awe each time i flush,
a hundred times, speed-sick,
secret time machines, weird dreams,
i travel to another life, it’s

occupied, so STOP the knocking, locked
onto the way to freedom, tied up with all
fairy tales i never wrote because they
scattered on the rails, who can
tell? what—

if i fell?

Mom knocks me off my thoughts, next
day we gonna read the newspaper report:
queues in front of train WC’s can gain the length
of russian pipelines, all because of
fantasizing kids, someone gotta stop this trend
before it undermines the fragile blinds of
modern, hard to reign society, so–

“did you wash your hands?”

i nod but – –

you can never be sure


some footnotes on this…

D-Mark is the currency we had in Germany before the introduction of the Euro,
Emil and the detectives by Erich Kästner is on of my most-loved books from childhood, you should really read it…even if you’re grown-up…
and i used to travel a lot by train when i was a kid and have always been fascinated by these old train toilets – when you flushed, you saw the tracks…frightening and magical at the same time…

been thinking on all this on my train ride from Rome to Grosseto a few weeks ago..it was an old train and i was wondering if they still may have these open toilets…but didn’t check it out because i thought otherwise i would never get out there again, may would’ve started to dream..and surely forgot to wash my hands…smiles

now this is my entry for today’s poetics prompt over at dVerse Poets Pub…and it’s my pleasure to be your host.. gates open 3 pm EST