>tonight we dance,
dance the year

like firework
like moonwalker
like emulsion

neglect where we come from,
forget where we go

hang on to the stars with
odd smiles; silent orbits
washing down,

rubbing eternity with
skinned elbows, emptying

all our pockets
to be filled, filled again
once we land or choose, drifting

                      in space..

what can you say in 55 words? i’m linking up with g-man’s friday flash 55

Wishing you all a fantastic start into 2011!


>glue & love stains

>I can’t say i miss you
every single minute of my day.
there are times, i forget how
you smell and feel bad about it.
but in moments like now,
it feels like part of my heart is being
painted on with the same window colors
you painted your snowboard with.

It leans a bit lonely against the mirror
in your room (so do i).

wide heart-sections also
seem to be covered with those
tiny tesserae, you glued
to the small table
(they make it so uneven)
and when I pull out the old
magazines from below your couch
and find half of the pictures are
cut out, newly arranged and used as
school book covers, i start to see
what may have happened to me.

and i wonder if i’ll find tiny pieces
of my heart, taken away, re-arranged to
new patterns & scattered across the globe.
they may seem out of context
(just as i feel right now)
and glue is sticking to them but
most probably, they are beautifully
arranged; and next to the glue i know,
i’ll find love stains.

was my daughter’s birthday and as she’s in La Paz for a year, we’ll only have a remote celebration via skype..

linking up with emily’s imperfect prose

>morning dance

>you wait for me – outside
and i feel the nervous excitement through closed doors
it’s still dark
and i’ll join you for a dance on crisp air
in a minute
we’ll kiss the mist that saturates the trees with morning pleasure
and i’ll ride you towards an awakening horizon

let’s get soaked with silence and holy agitation
it’s time to rise

we’ll wave the moon good-bye
and breathlessly inhale her blue glimmering shadows
with an open mouth
oh how the moon tastes on a morning like this

and when the maestro gives the sign for the birds
to start their celebration
we’ll be ready to join in
and melt into the dawn like lovers
carried by rays of sunlight
we fly along sunflower fields and gurgling rivers
caught up – bewitched – hypnotized
by the spell of this early morning dance
and drawn by a divine enragement – to be first – to be a part – to fuse

it’s still dark
and i feel the nervous excitement through closed doors
one last sip of coffee
and i’m ready to join

Some days when i ride my bike to my workplace, it feels just like this…
I’ll be a bit late with commenting back because i’m on a busy business trip right now – but back and ready to read your poems on friday…

for more poems, check out One Shot Wednesday

>on shaken kingdoms & flower trails

>my house is a house of tears today
and my kingdom is shaken
’cause the princess left for Bolivia

my princess’ flower-painted bike
is standing in our garage
and everywhere i go, i see her colors shine
she’s left flower trails in my heart
and wherever she went
you won not only me with the love
you breathe so naturally
and with the seeds you sow along the way

and now – i let go – happily
and say good bye to a part of my life for a while
it’s the right time for you to fly
Basle – Frankfurt – Sao Paulo – La Paz
take-off into a new adventure

my princess has left
to take that brush, she painted her bike
and my heart with
and paints flowers of hope for bolivian children
when some of them lost everything
and you will win their hearts like you won mine
when you help ’em learn to read and write
and reveal places of beauty and light
with gentle brushstrokes

This monday my 19 year old daughter left for a year in Bolivia. She will help in a school with around 4600 students – some of them with their parents in prison or having drug problems. She will write a blog – but didn’t decide so far if she continues in german or switches to english – if you wanna have a look..

This poem is for imperfect prose on thursdays and for theme thursday
check out the links to read more or link up a poem or a story yourself

>double-breathe today

>..first because Brian of WaystationOne, whom i admire a lot, has featured a poem of mine on One Stop Poetry – and i feel terribly honored…hope you jump over there to read it..it’s called “breathe”

…and second because my holidays have started today and i’m looking forward to do all kind of exciting, silly, adventurous, enjoyable and average things one should do while spending holidays at home – like hugging my flowers, sweeping the driveway, collecting raindrops with my tongue, night-biking, day-dreaming, singing old and new songs, playing my dusty guitar, get lost in reading books, hike the black forest, kiss my family, meet some old friends…and watch the sky when the plane is leaving which takes my eldest daughter to Bolivia for a year…say hello and good-bye and cry and smile and say thanks for the big and small things in my life…and enjoy…and treasure…and breathe…


the moment
my lips touch
cool metal
and my tongue senses
the rough surface
of warm wood
magic happens
i start to breathe
and you come alive
i start to breathe
and you begin to sing
they call you woodwind
i call you respire
i’m in a tense mood
and don’t even realize
but you will show me
with your sound
i’m down?
you sound bluesy

i’m on top?
you dance along
there’s a key for each emotion
and an embouchure
for every moment

when stainless steel
gets warm
with my breath
and I
get warm as well
and we jump and play

like children
like desperate
like lovers
like losers
like champions

from the highest pitch
to the deepest depths

and I breathe
and I don’t wanna stop
to breathe
life into you
like the one

who breathes his life
into me

and fills my inmost
with sound and rhythm
with meaning and significance

and warms my heart
with emissive breath
and still feels the taste
of rough wood and soft soil
beneath his tongue

>the path

>did not think long-term when I first saw you
and both of us linked – elsewhere
but I saw – and I felt – something
and when we met again – a little later
I made the first step
(sweet cake crumbs on your lips)
which led to your question
that would change our world
and took us on a journey
to dizzy heights
and frightening depths
involving all shades – and emotions
in between
for better or for worse
we’ve had it all
and sticked to our vow
as promised
twenty-two years ago
so young – so brave
and so excited
to become
one flesh..
think I will put on some red lipstick
and lure you to a path
not that well known
and we just pretend
to be strangers tonight
who meet
for the first time
and fly on the wings of our breath
to hidden places

This poem is for one shot wednesday – a gathering place for writers and poets

>A thunderstorm of splints – got an award!

>Can you believe it – I got a blog award from Erin of “Dropped stitches”


As this is my first award, I’m happy as a child… :=))
So I’m supposed to tell you a bit of my blogs philosophy (if there is one) and pass the award on to some other blogger of whom I think their blogs have “substance”

I would like to start with my blog name – SPLITTERGEWITTER
It’s a joint venture of two german words that does not really exist in this combination and means
“a thunderstorm of splints”
And that’s what I want my blog to be – an unorganized thunderstorm of splints that come to my mind – incomplete fragments that find their way from my head into my fingers.  I want to write about the big and small things in my life. I want to share what I focus on at this very moment, what I love and hate, what makes me sad and over the moon, what makes me feel weak and lion-hearted strong – and maybe you like it or it makes you smile, sigh, think or lets you heart beat faster for a short moment. That would make me sooo happy!

I started this blog 3 months ago while preparing for a blog I would write at my workplace. The work blog is finished for the moment – but I caught fire – and so I blog on….

Now I would pass on the award to four bloggers I really like A LOT – two ladies and two men.
Why? Because I think they have indeed substance and they are the first blogs I read when coming home from work and they make me happy, sigh, hold my breath, capture my heart and much more…

First one is Emily at “In the hush of the moon” I just love her style of writing, her thoughts, her openness and although she’s miles and miles away, I feel fairly close to her.

Second is Ed at “Ed Pilolla” I fell in love with his words (he writes with a smiling ease and a capturing intensity) when he was “bribing the fireflies”

Third one is Brian at “WaystationOne” You have to read his looooong post about this boy “nobody” – so special and displays his fine-tuned sense for other people’s emotions.

And last but certainly not least, there’s Kristi at “Live and love..out loud” She indeed makes me smile and laugh/love out loud and I just enjoy her dry sense of humor and how she manages to mirror the funny side of life in very ordinary, common situations.