>in case you ask

>i’ve closed my eyes
and next to me is night

i’m not asleep
just feel for my voice
in the silence

on top of that hill,
i’ve spread wings,

soul shrunk small,
almost invisible,
safely wrapped
by a gentle wind

and beyond the clouds,
an echo away
from where it started,
lingers life
in case you ask


>the way you breathe

>i’m as night as one can be
staring stars out of the darkness
trying to cut my thoughts
with the scissors of sleep
but it won’t come.

my mind runs restless
like caged moths – fluttering
on and on. i want to stab it
and i hear you breathe, regular
binomial formula, deep
as a song, lullaby – yes and
i feel your presence, warm,

familiar and drinking the
magic, i want you to feel me,
wake you up in the middle
of my craziness, drag you
to the moon – a pale one
and feel your sleepy body close
to where my restlessness

meets home. i want you
to love me calm, rock me into
sleep, breathe me silent this
moment before our night turns
and the paleness of the moon
fades with the daylight coming

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>a grass green moment


i need a rest,

a grass green moment
in a purple dress

a heart to beat against mine
da – dumm – da – dumm

a veil of pollen spread on my eyes
and lightblue tunes
singing soft songs

breathing against my breast 
netting my lips with moist
morning dew,  e r u p t i n g

when our tongues start to dance

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