>bob mintzer live last saturday


(John Riley – Drums; Bob Mintzer – Sax; 
Ingmar Heller – Bass; Olaf Polziehn – Piano)

not more than a drum beat away
they live and breathe
                jazz, dripping,
splashing across the room,
froth against closed eyes

lost in their play like children before
growing up-beat – off-beat
down – my spine – heat

yesterday’s gone and tomorrow’s
just an empty date, they count –
strokes – a world in a wave
when we find wings again,
making love, fully clothed,
kissing steel strings in tender
moves, bent towards
ebony keys, caressing,
glissando – staccato – pearls and
strings of beads enticed out of
a black giant’s mouth

naked souls press hard against
shining brass and drumheads,
dragging us further – along
until we stop to breathe and
bleed, bleed rhythm and

music spills across
the room, soaking our souls
and every far-out corner and
we covet, we crave and beg

it to fuck us – hard and
tender and full, licked by a
groove-oozing madness
jammed against the wall – flying, flying
– until we’re empty.

this was my saturday evening – listening to those top notch musicians which were playing just next town to where i live…
and i link up with – woo-hoo – One Stop Poetry – write a poem, join us and meet some fantastic people over there. Sign up opens today at 5 pm EST

Due to some travelling I may be a bit delayed with commenting back…just to let you know..


>ice dancing with my muse

>spinning, dancing, gliding,
heading north to touch the pole,
aurora borealis luring, stepping
on the edge.
and how i wanted her, so fallen
into fragments, diffused
in northern lights, encircled in
my snow storm; crystalline and
deeply longing, kissing me with
blood red lips

& what was left of me,

fell to the ground

in syllables

what can you say in 55 words? linking up with g-man

>morning dance

>you wait for me – outside
and i feel the nervous excitement through closed doors
it’s still dark
and i’ll join you for a dance on crisp air
in a minute
we’ll kiss the mist that saturates the trees with morning pleasure
and i’ll ride you towards an awakening horizon

let’s get soaked with silence and holy agitation
it’s time to rise

we’ll wave the moon good-bye
and breathlessly inhale her blue glimmering shadows
with an open mouth
oh how the moon tastes on a morning like this

and when the maestro gives the sign for the birds
to start their celebration
we’ll be ready to join in
and melt into the dawn like lovers
carried by rays of sunlight
we fly along sunflower fields and gurgling rivers
caught up – bewitched – hypnotized
by the spell of this early morning dance
and drawn by a divine enragement – to be first – to be a part – to fuse

it’s still dark
and i feel the nervous excitement through closed doors
one last sip of coffee
and i’m ready to join

Some days when i ride my bike to my workplace, it feels just like this…
I’ll be a bit late with commenting back because i’m on a busy business trip right now – but back and ready to read your poems on friday…

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>double-breathe today

>..first because Brian of WaystationOne, whom i admire a lot, has featured a poem of mine on One Stop Poetry – and i feel terribly honored…hope you jump over there to read it..it’s called “breathe”

…and second because my holidays have started today and i’m looking forward to do all kind of exciting, silly, adventurous, enjoyable and average things one should do while spending holidays at home – like hugging my flowers, sweeping the driveway, collecting raindrops with my tongue, night-biking, day-dreaming, singing old and new songs, playing my dusty guitar, get lost in reading books, hike the black forest, kiss my family, meet some old friends…and watch the sky when the plane is leaving which takes my eldest daughter to Bolivia for a year…say hello and good-bye and cry and smile and say thanks for the big and small things in my life…and enjoy…and treasure…and breathe…


the moment
my lips touch
cool metal
and my tongue senses
the rough surface
of warm wood
magic happens
i start to breathe
and you come alive
i start to breathe
and you begin to sing
they call you woodwind
i call you respire
i’m in a tense mood
and don’t even realize
but you will show me
with your sound
i’m down?
you sound bluesy

i’m on top?
you dance along
there’s a key for each emotion
and an embouchure
for every moment

when stainless steel
gets warm
with my breath
and I
get warm as well
and we jump and play

like children
like desperate
like lovers
like losers
like champions

from the highest pitch
to the deepest depths

and I breathe
and I don’t wanna stop
to breathe
life into you
like the one

who breathes his life
into me

and fills my inmost
with sound and rhythm
with meaning and significance

and warms my heart
with emissive breath
and still feels the taste
of rough wood and soft soil
beneath his tongue

>Through the barricades

>This was my close escort through my weekend
Spandau Ballet’s “Through the barricades”
I heard it on the radio on Saturday morning – and it’s an old song – I knew it already
But I was gripped by the guitar, holding this song together
by a voice – all emotions
and by a Tenorsax at the end – accompanied by drums
determined – wild and passionate – ready to conquer
and eager to love – through the barricades

Speaking of a life which is not easy
and full of scars and bruises
of being afraid of emotions – and love
and yet so eager to cross the borders
and make love – on wasteland – not caring about barricades
and of a wild yearning to cross the lines and dance upon the streets
which is only possible – when the watchman is asleep..so far

So I downloaded the song from itunes
and listened to it 100 times…
I sang and played it, sitting at my piano – full heart – full voice
all emotions
and I played along with my Sax
to cross the lines
to live and love with not enough soil to grow roses
but to make love on wasteland
and not denying the barricades – but boldly cross them..

>Ocean feelings

>Swinging gently –  a nutshell – in an – oh so wide – ocean
Silence resonates in a light breeze – and my soul suspires
Still feel your heartbeat and your scent – in the air – fading unhastily
while – covered with numerous layers of decreasing passion
toc – toc – toc
the rain patters kindly at my window
and gives the beat to slow down my heart
and offers his escort until sleep shuts my eyes



Yesterday late afternoon, we finished work early and as Marketing Sales Department, we were spending a beautiful time at a  beautiful place with barbecue, hiking and Trotinettle downhill scooting.

On the way back my colleague said (with a swiss accent) along the way “This was a great summerteaser”……….. *BLING*

And while the conversation was going on, this word kept staying in my mind, developing a life of it’s own – and instantly I knew, this could be one of my favorite words for this summer.

A teaser is something that shows the best scenes of a movie – a clipping of the very best contents – the highlights – the big emotions – the action – the radiance.
And it leaves you with an eager desire to see the whole play – experience it yourself – dive into it.

And exactly this happened. Yesterday we had a cut-out of some of the best things, summer has to offer and it fueled my longing to get the whole basket – stirred a desperate wish to see and live and experience ALL OF IT!