meeting the bar

there is graffiti
between the dark and I’m
not sure when I will leave that tunnel,

cheer the bold or those lunatic
sick and odd enough
to spray their lives
onto the walls

traffic jammed & windows open,
wondering if I’ll suffocate on exhaust fumes,

thinking of last night, when
we fucked uninhibited until we crashed
unconscious to the floor, I’m

counting car lights, worn down faces,
music level 12 ; you told me i’m extreme,

nervousness, pressed tight
against wet concrete and pale mildew
splays on dark-grey tunnel walls,

i die amidst the crowd and no one sees
but a drizzling highways’ sprayer,
riding for a fall to bring some off-beat color
to a road I won’t remember

i’m linking up with the new form and crit forum at dVerse Poets Pub – a place to learn and hone our craft. this is where we will receive and give honest and constructive crit and grow our poetic skillz.

as i’m heading for my holidays tomorrow morning, i won’t be able to return comments and i’ll be offline for most of the time until august 2nd.. from friday morning on i have enabled comment moderation to keep spam away while i’m gone..just in case you’re wondering…see you soon..