>overloaded&carelessly handled
it broke
stainless steel
yet 2weak 2stand that pressure
buckled it stared @ me with hollow eyes
& i
learned a lifelesson

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>header 150x150

Summer has finally come to Germany…
We missed you so much while learning to cope day by day with a plethora of raindrops, hoping day by day that this would be the last gray and rainy and cloudy day, aching for warm summer sun.

A plethora of cold rain – not warm, soft summer rain which kisses flowers and grass and makes you dance.
A plethora of heavy, frightening, dark-grey clouds – not fluffy, soft summer clouds in which you discover figures and forms and yourself.

Missed to watch the sky, lying on a meadow, forgetting the world, warm rays of sun on my naked skin.
Missed the humming of bees, the scent of flowers – it was so scent-less – this stolen spring weeks.
Missed the twittering of the birds – everything seemed to be so silent – holding its breath – waiting.
Missed riding my bike to work – a plethora of driving around in a closed, heated car – standing in highway traffic jams forever.

But everything has changed now – an abundant, plethoric, exuberant summer – a surplus of summer – a summer, no summerteaser could have prepared us for – started last week and the world has changed…

>Everyday-life snapshots

>At the moment, I love to take pictures of different things in our house or garden.
The more ordinary they are, the better.
I’m not using a good camera but only my iPhone and some photo apps to modify the pics – very easy, very quick.
But I really like the result.

Egg carton with cut-down cress

..and something from our kitchen board..guessed what it is?

>L.E.N.S. Photo challenge – Colors

>Taking part in the L.E.N.S. Photo challenge on “Home is where you start from” – which I think – by the way – is an excellent blog-title – really like it.

The topic this week is COLORS and I remembered taking a pic of my youngest daughter this winter with this colorful cap. Was it when she went to school in the morning? I don’t remember exactly – but this is speaking “Color” to me in all that black and white. Young people – preparing themselves to go to school and learn to have an impact on the world.
So I changed the pic to black and white except for the cap, where I intensified the colors a bit. Then I tried different things with the background – made it a bit softer and somehow the brown color came in – have no idea how….I’m a photoshop beginner…

>Set sail

>Als ich von der mutigen Weltumseglung von Jessica Watson gehört habe, war ich total begeistert!

In Australien scheint das auch die vorherrschende Stimmung über die gewaltige Leistung der zierlichen 16-jährigen zu sein.
Als ich aber meiner Begeisterung auf Facebook Ausdruck verliehen habe, bekam ich ziemlichen Gegenwind…
“Zu gefährlich –  leichtsinnig – wenn dem Mädchen was passiert wäre – wie können die Eltern so verantwortungslos sein – da geht es nur um Rekorde – die kleinen täglichen Dinge zählen nichts mehr”…

Ich muss gestehen, dass auch mir einige dieser Gedanken durch den Kopf gingen als ich den Bericht heute in der Zeitung las – aber als ich mir dann einige der Videos auf utube angeschaut und in Jessica’s Blog reingelesen habe, wich diese Skepsis immer mehr einer echten Begeisterung.

An Jessica begeistert mich…

  • ihre Zielstrebigkeit
  • ihr Mut, Dinge anzupacken und sich übermässigen Strapazen und der Einsamkeit auszusetzen
  • ihre Entschlossenheit
  • ihre Umsicht
  • ihr Können
  • ihr positives Denken
  • ihre entspannte Haltung
  • ihre Begeisterungsfähigkeit
  • ihre Fähigkeit, schnelle Entscheidungen zu treffen
  • ihr Durchhaltevermögen
Ich kenne sie natürlich überhaupt nicht – aber wenn man in ihren Blog reinliest und sieht, wie sie mit verschiedenen Situationen umgegangen ist, dann sind das die Rückschlüsse, die man ziehen kann.
Einmal fotografiert Jessica den Mond, der sich nachts auf dem Wasser spiegelt und ich merke, ich habe maximalen Respekt vor diesem Mädchen, das da alleine in ihrem Segelboot irgendwo mitten auf dem Meer ist und gegen Einsamkeit, Sturm und allerlei Widerwärtigkeiten zu kämpfen hat.
Und ich wünsche mir noch viele solcher Teenager, die ihre Träume verwirklichen, die sich nicht von Widerwärtigkeiten entmutigen lassen, die bereit sind für ihre Visionen zu kämpfen und mutig und begeistert für das eintreten, was ihnen wichtig ist Die nicht abwarten, bis ihnen etwas auf dem silbernen Tablett serviert wird sondern die Courage haben, loszulaufen und gut trainiert und vorbereitet (nicht leichtsinnig!) – Dinge auszuprobieren und Schwierigkeiten zu überwinden – und damit unser Denken und unser Land verändern!
Nancy Knudsen schreibt: 
Universal advice, the kind of advice that can make a nation great – from a slip of a girl who still doesn’t look as though she could get a sail on a Saturday afternoon in a yacht club.


>Things that influenced me – part I – Pippi Langstrumpf

>You are influenced by lots of different things – good things and bad things – funny and very serious things. And altogether it makes you to the someone, you are – very special – very individual – very precious.

This thought came to me when reading sth. about Pippi Langstrumpf, just a few minutes ago. This special, self-confident, independent and unadapted girl with lots of funny ideas and with no fear at all.
Even when I think, she wasn’t my No. 1 influence, I know she HAD an influence – maybe a quite small one, maybe a bigger one – I can’t tell, but I know for sure that when I was a child, I just loved her.

I liked her funny ideas, I wanted to be as independent as she was and knew deep down in my heart, I’m not at all like her. I would not have wanted to live alone in a house (although I would love to live in a house like hers – but still not alone) and I always liked to go to school (even in times I had lots of trouble in school)…and I don’t like monkeys

So – Pippi Langstrumpf is very different from me – but still – here’s what I like most about her and what I try to put into practice – she was always happy, she was always flexible, she always knew what to do, she always knew what she wanted (and what she did NOT want), she was strong, she was fearless, she was creative, she was surprising – and – by the way – she has the most beautiful freckles;=)


>On Saxophone and horror chords

>Saxophone Selma and I were a good team today (Sax Workshop in Basel) – fighting both hard on Pentatonic, Chromatics, II-V connections (Ralph tried hard to explain – but I think I did not get it fully….) – songs with 5 sharp and strange chords – like F#MI7(b5) – I mean – alone by looking at a chord like F#MI7(b5) a certain feeling of horror is creeping up my back…

Despite the strange things we’re doing ;=))  I love to attend this Workshop…. ;=)
I’m the Newcomer – least experienced, fewest knowledge – but trying to keep up and work hard to diminish the gap (we have lots of diminished chords already…)

Ralph, our teacher is doing a great job by trying to reduce this different levels (with me at the bottom of the scale…) to a common denominator – and most of the time he’s successful.
And by the way – lots of nice people around – Sax players seem to be a relaxed type of people – I like that – I’m not that relaxed….but as I said before – I’m a newcomer…

So lots of excitement today, brain twisting exercises,  B I G  challenge – what would you want more….?