the first rays of spring
bring you back,
freckled like Latte Macchiato
wet paint on your shirt.. nose..

brush in hand, dreaming
your bike summer green, dotted
with butterflies and your
smile tastes of
Ben & Jerry’s

i sit on the edge of a tear,
wrinkle my nose, twinkle
dust from the sunshine
and hum, prepared for

……new colors

(just a sentimental moment when i saw my daughter Miriam’s bike in the garage the other day…and she’ll be back from bolivia in june…)


sunshine flash

we share such things as salad, meat balls and
chick-yellow scrambled eggs, sitting in
the spring on wooden benches, inhaling

life smoldering fat as Cuban cigars,
roll it in our mouthes like russian Rs and
swallow greedily, moistened by german

beer and the rough music madness of a
Porsche nine eleven. I pick up the
vibrations, tame ’em with my tongue and let
them shake us to the brink of sunshine flash

this was last sunday in the black forest…family lunch and on the pic in the front is hubby with nephew..smiles

don’t move so fast

i wonder if you can,
if you stand in the rain,
if you stop to move,
just allow

drippy drops
licking your ear
’til you hear
water’s whispering

want, can you tell
the shape
of what flows
cool & damp
on your skin, feel ’em
sing of spring, notice
what key they’re in, taste

thursday rain pear-sweet
on summer-soft tongues

knowing you know,
by the sparks in your eyes,
water-wet trees breathing sighs,
bent low, pressing their lips
into squishy earth,
quietly rooted

with stillness-wrapped wings watching
wantonly seeds give birth

…just a quiet spring moment…

>talking winter away

>mind heavy with tasks,
i walked
next to all i
should’ve done,
didn’t do and – never will

Josh Redman, breathing, 
easing the pain and
winter-end wind
in my hair as you
bike along,
touching spring
sparkling like fairies, skating
the edge of a dream and
life jumped – jumped
smooth as a cat
to my shoulders and
in the brown of your eyes

i died – like flies at
the end of summer ‘cos
i came from afar – a sailor,
homeless, a wanter and

Josh turned silent –
as we walked back home,
side by side, talking winter

went for a walk after finishing work today and was listening to Joshua Redman, one of my fav Sax players when I met my 16 year old daughter on the way..


>your steps on the floor
make me count minutes,
heartbeats and years, gone by
like rush hour trains. fighting sleep
and listening to your late night
sound – the music, microwave
and beeping of your phone.

i peel out of bed like
an orange to sleepwalk upstairs
where you smell of metal, pizza
and the lavish warmth of youth,
kiss your astonished smile and
just hold you close for a while.
next morning

i will read on facebook,
there’s nothing better than
returning late & tired from a
hard day’s work and sleepy mom
creeps out of bed just so, to kiss
and say she loves you.. and nine
of your cool friends will have
pressed the “like” button

>a grass green moment


i need a rest,

a grass green moment
in a purple dress

a heart to beat against mine
da – dumm – da – dumm

a veil of pollen spread on my eyes
and lightblue tunes
singing soft songs

breathing against my breast 
netting my lips with moist
morning dew,  e r u p t i n g

when our tongues start to dance

yeah – try and say it in 55 words.. i’m linking up with galen for g-man’s friday flash 55 

(..and in case you care for a read, click the above player)

>where we crumble


we dip, dip
christmas cookies
into sweet hot

chocolate and
your eyes have
the same brown.

chatting pebbles
and gems, watchin’
sixteen years

sail small like
drifting crumbs,
sinking slowly

to where we are,
and i hold your
smile, sending

chocolate puffs
wrapping your heart
while you talk

and we dip, dip,
mother & daughter,
tiny, precious

new years crumbs
into steaming

..just a lovely mother & daughter moment with my youngest one..and i’m linking up with
One Stop Poetry.  join us and share your new years moments, pics, poetry..