parchment paper soft between our lips,
we smoked rebellion filterless,
sitting on pavements, lolled in
poster-plastered rooms,
the lush-me-green park or forbidden
quarry ponds next town, inhaling

pipes of freedom, world-less peace,
release-ing tiny dragons, tunneling
our lungs like oriental trains,
badged with the fear of falling black,
etched fat upon our foreheads

And their remnants fell like soldiers.

We lived on Che Guevara, blew
our ashes to the wind & bravely blasted
tightly ravelled dreams, fueled with
insist_dance, resistance–
hand-rolled, bent between
our fingers, gambling high scores

shoreless, though never tagged them
good or bad, left/right, dark/light– but
threw them in the air and let ’em fly

(your lips did curl like Tutu seams,
pink ice-scream dreams) & we rolled
drunk with summer-laughter over
clover-covered grass.

But i remember autumn hanging in your hair,

& we kissed hard to keep us warm and like
there’s no tomorrow– and there wasn’t,

so we cut time to tiny mars bar chunks,
thickly sick with politics we didn’t understand
until we faded,

blue with smoke

& caught in the nightfall

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stab me with the sun

stab me

with the last, fast floating sun beams
as the evening glistens sweet & soft
like candy floss

the rails lead nowhere,

watching trains,
high voltage strains like
they were toys, held in the sticky hands
of little boys, lost in their play

just stab me

slowly and dramatically as the day
has bored, ripped me to death already

we pass people in their cars.

no one moves us, neither do we care
enough to smile or shout or tear them
on their shoulders out of
susurrating silence,

dancing tango argentina
(with that passionate look
that melts the glaciers in this land)
right on the lake-side street,
dipping our feet, laying our tongue
in fire folds –

we run,

turn up the music and
imagine standing on the stages of our
lives –

the brave, the winner, the silent,
lined up comically on the promenade
like they belong; nowhere

Will You stab me

my heart sinks to the deepest point,
hitting the dead-line of the day
when sunlips kiss the gurgling waterbed



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the old man & the fence

he wears the same shirt every day
(or must have hundreds of them, lined
up neatly in his wardrobe)

leant against his fence he
holds his cat, catching the evening sun
in lazy amber eyes.

He smiles friendly as i pass
but does he have a voice? not sure,
my headphones cover me –
so i know nothing of his sound
nor what he loves or hates and if

the imprint of his fence takes hours
or years to disappear from sunburnt arms.

smiling back and twinkling at the cat,
i walk on while he watches
(there’s just nothing else to see) and as
i disappear around the corner,

he may tell her of the light, reflecting on
blank-polished metal bars

which hold his fence,

which holds the street,

which holds his world


as the sun lays down for the night

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ART Basel & touched

three hundred galleries & history
invaded by the artists of the world
i’m moving amongst forty thousands,
there’s still room to breathe in holy halls
until art grabs me, first a light touch

on my hair, feels feathery and makes


a single color slowly sliding
up my arm and with firm hand
bends back my neck to kiss me
vulnerable and exposed, exhibited,
parting my lips with

sudden fierceness & his colored tongue,
invades the choir of my—

vocal chords,

i’m sensing crumbs of oil paint on my teeth,
wanna sing aloud but all i can is
stammer hoarse & splintered words
that make no sense; amidst the crowd
i start to sweat, warm hands glide up
my thighs until i’m shaking heavily like
Shamrock Sundae, stirred until i cannot

stand and leaned against a wall give in,
letting him—-

drag me deep into the dark where
pigment-tainted chambers hide their
secrets from the light, his voice sounds
like a galaxy of structure, pressing hard
against him, hanging spell-bound
on his lips as he moves deep and leads
with gentle hand; wrapped tight &
canvas-sheltered, thousand tiny nerves are
pulsing badly and i’m pushing


glasses deep into my face to hide

the eyes that will betray, my lips

get dry and i am rational until i burst,

explode and end up gasping on the floor
when water-colored streams wash me to pieces –



purple droplets dripping wet from
sterile walls and everyone is moving slowly,
hush their voice as in late gothic churches,

weighing, nodding, moving, no one notes
his hand is sweet & moist with what was streaming
from me as i screamed and crunched under
each pencil stroke, so i walk on – one visitor
of forty thousand, watching, weighing, nodding,


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breakfast at tiffany’s

sitting on this bench for days
or months already, years?

there’s nothing of importance
and few things make us cry, it’s
neither warm nor cold, we don’t
get wet, the clouds keep moving &

Why shouldn’t they? you ask.

Again i have no answers,
haven’t barely heard the question
and it feels like we have never met, it

happened somewhere on the way
and now
the traffic seems to make no sense nor
does it hurt ‘cos glass panes

hush the sound and graffiti on bus stop walls
tells stories no one wants to hear

We should’ve headed for the moon, i say,
you nod, or maybe rather for the sun?
he would’ve burnt us –

between passing cars sits silence, so
we keep searching mouse-grey streets
between Big Red and smoked down
cigarettes for common ground

and bowing low i start to fall,
watching the ants eat the last lonely crumbs
of summer and a blue wind
blows us cold..

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Touching Floodland

life’s face phosphorizes ugly
squinched, unhinged & torn
parts of my body
rotting meters deep &
carry grief
in heavy vessels, wounds
fresh & raw with pain, weigh me
shoulders stooped, i

fled here from the city,
drowning in futility & raid, rage
between the dead,
knocking on doors we fight,
tightly locked with steel bolts
hold us until

someone steps
too close and dams burst with
a thunderous crack
face in the mud &
touching floodland,
ripped & split, i’m digging graves
for the pain – less, go, let me –

I know you can’t see – lies
bouncing back like
moon-pale, off-scale skeletons,
a ghastly army, envision decay,
we already stopped
breathing but we still gasp, lying

on our back
with open mouths, body crinched,
fight until someone
throws us back & hoarse-tongued
clumps glued to my neck,
riding back the roots we came

my one shot wednesday poem comes straight from the cemetery where i fled to last week…and yes…after all it was a good time..
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two mobiles in hand,
highway, heading
for the top, cursing
thousand swiss tunnels
with just connections
to darkness, exhausted
and cow bells shout
summer, we’re all

placed on a seat
between the lush
and the desperate;
not loving nor being loved
nibbling on us and

i know the day
doesn’t belong to me
nor i to it
as nothing really
belongs to anything ‘cos

we’re all sleepers, silenced,
brought to rest by the
click-clack rhythm

of the rails, bewitched
by yellow buttercups in empty fields,
no strength to fight, cry, cross
those milky lakes
when life

burns us to pointless
in our needs and hungry
like children
for food we can’t get,
which doesn’t get us – satisfied.

i shake my head, then nod
as if to confirm that things
don’t look
as they are,
synchronizing seamless
with the soft vibration of my mobile,

rubbing eyes, i
take my coat and
wiping our blood from the windscreen,
we never look back

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