>love letters


love him most when he smells of metal
and has oil-stained hands….

i don’t write you love letters
’cause you’re not a reader
and even if they mean a lot to me
they may not mean the same to you

i try & use the language of love
you speak & enjoy
sometimes a foreign one..
and if my letters make it to your heart
and if you don’t return ‘em to sender
it makes my day

this was written for g-man‘s friday flash 55
and Emily’s imperfect prose on thursdays

>55 – Watersong

>Tic – toc – tic – toc
the clock is my only companion this early morning

You look so sad – with your leaves hanging down…
…I was too busy to water you

And I wonder what else i forgot…
to do – say – feel…

And I long to sing my watersong into the darkness
and let you rain on me…

Friday flash 55 – tell a story in 55 words – and link it back to g-man
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>prose dust

>some poems are born in that small space
between just being awake and falling asleep
they surf through my mind like restless seagulls
screeching their message towards my sleepy ears
when all filters are already shut down

and they have a walk-over – unhindered
they drift – full speed ahead – through my brain
the streets are theirs – not much traffic
as if you drive on a highway at 3 in the morning

and they start to mold like clouds as they move and change
and get a structure and a face
and i wonder if i would like them if i were their reader

but i’m no reader and no writer then
just a feeler…
and i try to feel their pulse as they pass by
all fragments – carrying tiny baskets of prose pollen
and loose some on their way
and it falls with the wind… and dusts my sleepy face

and i… let it happen.. and enjoy their tender touch
while they slide past like small boats on a quiet river
and i just watch them as the wind blows their sails
and enjoy their fragility… until i loose sight

and i wonder what it was
that made me get up and write this one down
while others slip away
and remain forever unwritten

maybe it was just because i liked how it felt
when its dust touched my face like a tender kiss
and i wanted to be kissed again
while i sit with low light – ready to let happen
whatever it would do

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>160 – the hunt

>take your spear
and hunt down some food for your family
and when you come back to our cave
bear in tow….muscular…..sweaty…..scratched
i’ll take good care of you

..hubby was on his way to buy some Döner Kebap for dinner…
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>a true savior


i may have spent all of my life
lying in this bath tub – watching my toes – splashing the bubbles
and suffer silently

and every bubble
that burst with a muted tsssch – close to my ears
hardly audible for anyone else
was a quiet accusation

i wouldn’t have gone anywhere
think i was just too afraid to leave..
at least the water was warm and gave me some kind of comfort
while i was drowning in guilt and hopelessness

and when you came and pulled that stopper
(for whatever reason i allowed you to do so..)
i gasped in horror – watching all my safety disappear
slipping from my hands in slow spinning circles
until i lay naked and stripped of all i had built my life upon

you were there, this moment of utmost vulnerability
and you took a towel and wrapped it around my shivering soul
and held me tight – close to your heart
and it felt like coming home
when you whispered lover’s words – and covered my bareness

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>55 – fireflies

>i wish we had more fireflies
to dance in my garden on nights like this
when i can’t sleep & sit in the dark
and watch the black night sky

i would imagine they’d dance just for me
glaring like fen fires on the moor

and i watch them carry their sparkling lanterns
through half closed eyelids

before i fall asleep
on fresh mowed lawn

Friday flash 55 – tell a story in 55 words – and link it back to g-man

>on shaken kingdoms & flower trails

>my house is a house of tears today
and my kingdom is shaken
’cause the princess left for Bolivia

my princess’ flower-painted bike
is standing in our garage
and everywhere i go, i see her colors shine
she’s left flower trails in my heart
and wherever she went
you won not only me with the love
you breathe so naturally
and with the seeds you sow along the way

and now – i let go – happily
and say good bye to a part of my life for a while
it’s the right time for you to fly
Basle – Frankfurt – Sao Paulo – La Paz
take-off into a new adventure

my princess has left
to take that brush, she painted her bike
and my heart with
and paints flowers of hope for bolivian children
when some of them lost everything
and you will win their hearts like you won mine
when you help ‘em learn to read and write
and reveal places of beauty and light
with gentle brushstrokes

This monday my 19 year old daughter left for a year in Bolivia. She will help in a school with around 4600 students – some of them with their parents in prison or having drug problems. She will write a blog – but didn’t decide so far if she continues in german or switches to english – if you wanna have a look..

This poem is for imperfect prose on thursdays and for theme thursday
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>touch me


i wanna feel your wings sway
like a thick haze upon my heart
the moment i start to read 
it’s not your words i long for – it’s what you say
when i bend my head and drink letters like wine
and suck in your taste – enjoying your exhilarating sweetness on my lips
it’s the emotion you stir in me that i long for
gliding down stanzas – beaded like lovers pearls - with longing eyes 
and catching verses with my tongue like snow flakes
that tumble down drunken from a winter grey sky
leaving moist spots on my yearning heart
show me the places i wouldn’t find without you
and awake that kind of passion i didn’t know it was there
before you stirred it – in between lines of promising characters
pegged out like fresh smelling washing in the garden
caressed by golden rays of summer sun mysteries
i wanna get lost there and bury my glowing cheeks amongst your lines 
approach my soul with wings of pleasure and adventure
and take me with you on a flight across a land i didn’t see before
and we will glide on eagles’ wings – proud and majestic
above a secret territory that’s ours for the moment
i move closer to connect my heart to your words
which pass the customs control unseen
they don’t go detour – first brain – then soul
they go touch down and hit me like a meteoroid
and feed my soul with delicacy and leave me hungry for so much more
and i wanna read these rhymes again and again
and detect what it was, that unsettled my heart so badly
and made me wanna fall and drown in mesmerizing words
and what stirred emotions i didn’t feel before
and kissed my soul with arrogating lips
and alluring sweetness so i can hardly breathe
reach out for me poem and touch me
and wash all over me with lyrical love
that’s what i want you to do with every fiber of my soul
so stir my thirst – and still my thirst with satisfying words
and when i read the last line
i want my heart to pulsate – toc – toc – toc –  in the rhythm of your rhyme
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>Love at first sight

>Yes – it was love at first sight – but it took me some time to realize…

I was so young and I was a bit scared
and I remember, coming home from hospital, I was afraid of bathing you
because you were so small and you were looking at me with your big eyes
and I felt so helpless and not able to cope with this newborn life entrusted to me.

Skin to skin – keeping you warm and feeling your little heart beat – this heart, that started to pulsate nine months ago – not just somewhere but in my womb – hidden, secretly – only the two of us feeling your new life blossoming and developing in the dark – protected – keeping you safe.

Eye to eye – trying to read what you would tell me without being able to speak – there was so much in your eyes – and some days – even now – I think I can describe what no picture was able to capture – baby’s eyes, sharing their needs and emotions – having only a short past and a big longing to see the future.

What did you do to my heart baby? It was not only love at first sight, it was love at first everything – ever and ever again – for this 19 years – I’ve fallen in love daily and I guess that will go on and on – probably for the rest of my life…

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