About me

i live in Germany, work in Switzerland and stay close enough to France to have a front row seat, watching their “quatorze juillet” fireworks. So i’m used to cross borders and find it easy to see beauty in other cultures. I love thunderstorms, improvising on my Alto Sax and in warm summer nights you sometimes find me sitting on the pavement with a glass of red wine and the mad desire to fly with the passing clouds.. i’m married, mom of three teenage kids and co-founder of dVerse Poets Pub


i try to think big
and love recklessly

with a pen in hand
and hiking boots,
i small-print my way
along ordinary trails

watching out for
sparks of poetry

between the clouds,
the useless,
the twilight
and the chirping of the birds…

really nice to meet you..

73 responses to “About me

  1. I love the line, “small-print my way along ordinary trails” and yet you are anything but ordinary!! What a wonderful introduction-to-you poem. I really like this site. Can’t wait to investigate more…

  2. I love your ‘sparks of poetry between’ ….. and your lyrical, impressionistic style…looking forward to reading more…..good to meet you here.

  3. I love this line: ” i small-print my way ”
    and I wish I could “love recklessly”

    It is so nice to meet you!

  4. So nice to meet you and your wonderful poetry Claudia, and many thanks for visiting and commenting at my site. I’ll be back to explore more on your pages.
    PS: I love thunderstormes and red wine as well :)
    Hugs from Eclipse

  5. Claudia,I am so happy for you.You did it!
    Our Long and Winding Road…

    Calls for a celebration ,what say you? :)


  6. This is my first visit to your site and the little I’ve glanced at already strikes me as someone passionate about life and writing. I will visit more often from my corner of the US in Washington State.

  7. This is my first visit here but I have been reading your comments around WordPress and I rather like your approach, and so here I am..!!
    i loved reading through your site.
    i am following it..!!

    by the way, i’m shiny, a new blogger and i love penning down my feelings and thoughts, if u can just comment on my posts,,so as to make the future posts better..
    ..and i just love reading any poetry & literature..

  8. I do like the way you put words together, my dear–”Shattered pattern in your eyes” is one example. Great work! Will be back when I have more time–you’re most welcome to visit me anytime. God bless you richly.

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  10. Lovely poetry, and you seem like you’re in a enviable location, having 3 different countries close by! Nice to meet you.

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  12. Wow, you’ve got an awesome blog here. A person like you should be in my “Glossary of Awesomeness”.

    It’s great to visit your blog! :-)

    Warm regards from Down Under,


  13. Claudia, hi, this little verse in your ‘about me’ is absolutely stunning. So simple and beautiful, I love it to bits, that is the kind of poem I aspire to write!! Thanks.

  14. Hi there. I have nominated you for the Very Inspirational Blogger award. I like your work and feel it is deserving of even more recognition. I guess the rules are, list seven things about yourself and nominate other bloggers that you feel are deserving of the award. Keep up the good work.

  15. Hi again,
    I have meaning to say that from your writing I was convinced that you came from an English speaking country and were an expat in Europe. I am sure your self-confessed accent is barely noticeable if at all. Your writing is amazing, and to think that you are probably proficient in half the European languages as well.I can just about ‘speak food’ in a few :-)

  16. Hi Claudia, I just nominated you for an Inspiring Blog Award. I will post on my blog explaining the reasons why shortly, but in the mean time there are some rules to follow apparently!
1.Thank the blogger who gave you the award.
2. Tell 7 things about you that have not come up in your blog.
3. Pass this on to 7 other blogs you find inspiring and explain why. Look for a post with my details of why I love you shortly in my blog

  17. Good Morning Claudia from Kansas USA , I just finished reading “several” of your posts and I am so glad you visited mine so that we can now connect. You are a wonderful artists I love the way you play with words and pure genius on how you worked the square verse. I am now following and look forward to your many beautiful words.

  18. I love this blog and your poetry which both give a feel of you: I imagine wide strides powered by a huge heart and a smile, sometimes lipsticked, that beams through the rain and the forest and the page. I just looked back over your poems and I don’t think my comments are coming through–so I want you to know that I am a fan of your boldness and I loved the public reading of “The Bell” that you arranged with dVerse and that what you do with reading and writing and plotting surprises has enhanced my life 10 fold. I hold you in the Light. I thank you for all you do.

  19. Like you, I have a life ‘on the border’ of countries, experience, literature. I really enjoy your work and have nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. I know, I know… but I hope you will accept it.

  20. I continue to enjoy your work and have named you to receive the “Very Inspiring Blog” award. Check my site for details in about an hour. – AB at Mild Musings of a Mediocre Man

  21. I enjoy your poetry and your thoughts. I like your location where you live. I dream to live in Basel one day. I had friends in the city many years ago. Thank you for sharing your poetry.

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