time’s a maze
i lean
against its pulse/ing body, ant-like
like the razor’s buzZ as i shaved my head
the other day

we sit on the hosital rooftop
pale/ing fall-sun to the face

the city at our feet
a tower, distant
watchmen with giant wings

my son reads Nesbø

&his skin’s warmth seeps into my pores
as i hold him tightly, pray
“you’re wonderfully made”

and a mighty army’s battle cries eRUPT//lavaHot,
splitting life’s molecules,
for one long moment

time spa—ns
and His arm moves

there’s another level in this maze
a million light years from our wildest dreams//&fears
that none of us
has fully understood yet, rain piles
rears uP like a cobra//hiZzing
alMost palpable,

the tower on the hill
(that broadcasts swiss tv since 1980)
on the flip side of our galaxy/of what we see
(&where we stood two weeks ago)

flashes a red light


my son was at the hospital last week with a pancreas inflammation – they didn’t really find out where it came from – he’s back home now and doing much better – prayers appreciated..


16 responses to “in/flammation

  1. Sorry to hear of your son’s scare and hopefully it will all bode well for him. I am the mother of five children and even though adults I cringe when there is news on their health. Love your post and hopefully the next one will be of his improved health with no other issues. Be well.

  2. As I read your poem, I was fearful. Glad he is home, perturbed that they can’t give you definite answers, which seems to happen way too often. I know your mother’s heart must worry. Good to see you posting, Claudia.

  3. I like this photo, Claudia; and great to read your words. Hope your son continues to do well. So hard when one we love goes through a health crisis!

  4. Thinking of your precious son, friend C … only a mother knows the pain and feeling of helplessness … I know about that too … Love, cat. PS: You look beautiful … smiles …

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