“bangkok drowns herself” she says

&there’s two ways
to paint her —out of millions
by bit

like my steelbrush
whose feathers split
until there’s just one layer left
that cannot hold


“take some pics” she says
“of houses where you can
detect it”

there’s no period nor upper case
some vacant symbols
in the wind

and missing space where you would

at least


ha- my little one is in bangkok at the moment – and my future teacher daughter says that bangkok is drowning itself cause they pump up too much ground water – says her geo prof



12 responses to “traveling//unedited

  1. of course
    the world sinks and sips
    in large gulps
    we wait

    on travelers
    reVeling in marvels
    and the remarkable

    of humanity
    always learn fastest
    HoWever do

    catch up¿


    on average
    our #
    world PlaNet

    on chew.

  2. So, you have a teacher in the midst. Teachers are prevalent in my family. To be able to go to another country while she is learning is a wonderful opportunity. My sister went once many years ago to Japan and has very interesting stories to tell of the people and their culture. I wish her well. Good post.

  3. Ah, vacant symbols dangling in the wind… intriguing thought. Well, I was in Bangkok once & don’t remember anything about ground water. Smiles. It was a beautiful and busy place. What an adventure for your daughter!

  4. The way you merge the images of the brush, the symbols dangling an the images of Bangkok, collides so well here… almost like you are a vampiring yourself hmmm maybe sounds a bit too much maybe… what an adventure for your daughter to go away like that.. and what a wonderful conversations you seem to have.

  5. I was thinking earlier today how things have changed in the Pub, and in the world, since I was first invited in those short years ago. Energy is different, now. Inevitable, of course – but still, what an amazing space you and Brian created and shared with us all. I’m not regretful – just thankful.

    An old college chum teaches in Chiang Mai, and Singapore (now fluent in German, Thai, Khmer, with a smattering of Japanese, Hill tribe dialects, Lao, and, of course, English.) Should she still be there, and wants to look him up, let me know… ~