i need to learn. to talk. about things

the sky has rolled its slender figure, curled along the spine
to watch the city smile, feet stuck
in deep blue socks

asWe talK about making love
a rooster’s featherdress

glistening madly in the headlights
of all things
that pass or stay
within a certain frame

the thrill–

like drawing
with my newest steelbrush, niGht-
thicK sheets, black impermeability
unmasterable, yet
you think, it is
until the world eXpLodes into a thousand hailstorms, heading t’wards– i

the unmasked// chaos// rough
plain canvas of–

intimacy’s the sum of ink drops, staying,
leaning wet heads on the parchment’s bright,
uneven chest

could be we understand
even without hearing every syllable,  i

(draw a map, throw it away&)
blindFold mine
to make them use their sense of taste.

as they advance


we’re doing this marriage course at the moment – and we learn a lot – at times it’s tough &challenging – at times a revelation – sometimes i wanna give up & run
what i realize is that i really have to learn to talk about things – about everything in fact – and not assume or guess – or think the other knows -or can decode – ha – it’s an adventurous path – smiles

i’m in zürich all day today – so will be making my rounds in the evening…


21 responses to “i need to learn. to talk. about things

  1. Such a beautiful painting Claudia, a tableau of words. For some of us it is much easier to write, paint… listening comes easy for me but when I must speak it feels as if my mouth is filled with marbles.

  2. tlking is okay.
    talking or not tho
    it’s judging and assuming
    that crunch
    on pairings. i find.
    to be helpful. allowing
    without expectations
    to know this place
    i stand
    good to let go of even bad
    drifing awy
    the dandelion floss
    of yesterday
    and toothpaste

    heck if i know.
    just try. all that counts
    show up another day
    each time
    eyes open
    we get to try
    be well.
    walk in beauty.
    and have fun.

    aloha rick

  3. the unmasked// chaos// rough
    plain canvas of–
    intimacy’s the sum of ink drops, staying,
    leaning wet heads on the parchment’s bright,
    uneven chest

    There is so much to expect when an artist starts to touch the brush.The interaction of ideas.colors and creativity knows no bounds but to end up in a masterpiece. Isn’t that great Claudia!


  4. I wish you all the best in your counselling. Easy to say its all about communication but its the toughest part. Specially love: intimacy’s the sum of ink drops-

  5. My daughter just went through a harrowing divorce, breaking away from a classic narcissistic man. I am rooting for you and your journey, for your marriage to survive, or whatever gives you peace, C.

    P. S. gotta love feet stuck in deep blue socks

  6. Oh yes.. so glad to see your poem… maybe we as poets learn too much to hide the message in layers, and in metaphors… but there are moments when we need to be clear, and say it again in other ways.. I do like how you bring in the painting into your words.. All the best.

  7. I was delighted to see a post from you. I’ve missed your words. I think you are learning to communicate, your words have depth and soul. Best wishes in your journey.

  8. Great to read your poetry. Yes, I think we do understand without hearing (or reading) every syllable. I’m still thinking about the world exploding into a thousand hailstorms.

  9. Yes, it is hard, Claudia. Communication is a two-way street and everything. You are working hard, and it will pay off. Blessings on your journey, Claudia!

  10. Explain everything? I would doubt to… maybe just prelude longer…inspiring associations…common memories….symbols…meaningful now…wow…just found your write…do it…we all busy…

  11. we all curve, don’t we? what seemed parallel, at first, millimeter by millimeter branch apart.

    one clears away the brush, and lets light in, hoping it will curve the branches back together… but sometimes, it just reveals they’ve grown apart.

    I hope you are well, Claudia ~