sevenling– to the choirmaster. for the flutes

six countries north of the equator
coffee black as owl wings
arTificial light

“i cannot see his face” is dressed in rags
wrapped in bridge shades, unaware
of how i cRasH,

all–traffic lights are ghosts as i bike by


…a musical sevenling for day 2 of dVerse poets pub’s 5th anniversary celebration – see you there at 3pm EST?

41 responses to “sevenling– to the choirmaster. for the flutes

  1. Oooh, excitement, excitement, you’re out of retirement, my dear Claudia! I missed you. (Even though I’ve been in semi-retirement as well, as I’m moving back to the UK – at just about the worst possible time historically, other than the Civil War in the 17th century.)
    How nice to see you back! And on your bike too!

  2. I really like the closing line….it adds the’ shivers’ element for me and makes me reflective. The allusion to the instructions in the psalms in the title as well…of course knowing the story as well…keep praying for him…I want to hear more of his story..and you never know..

    Don’t we all…crAsh

  3. What a delight to read you and hear from Brian also. You are both missed very much……I LOVE “coffee black as owl’s wings” and sense a story behind this poem.

    The image of the ghostly traffic lights is so vivid.

  4. I admire your title and specially: coffee black as owl wings. Those traffic lights are indeed ghosts ~

    Thanks for the lovely paintings as our muse Claudia. A pleasure to read you again.

  5. You have been sorely missed and this poem lets us know why. The title immediately struck me. The last line chilled me. Great to read your work again. Please don’t be a stranger.

  6. Your words echo in my cortex like a beautiful ballad. I follow your art life on FB, but as others express, we all miss your poetics. This is complex, abstract, & lovely. I used one of your paintings–the lady & the cello, for my image.

  7. Surprised and pleased to see you here. I have been to your site where you have your art. I missed your wonderful writing. Thank You for this. 🙂

  8. You’ve created such atmosphere in this, Claudia. Most often your poems are longer but you still show such skill in so few words. Love the last line. And thanks for the interview and all you share. xo

  9. I big-time miss your writing, girl.

    Love these lines especially:
    “coffee black as owl wings”
    “‘i cannot see his face’ is dressed in rags
    wrapped in bridge shades”

  10. The title, and then the final line beginning with “all” – gives this somewhat of a “responsive reading” feel…or perhaps a psalm for the cyclist. Lovely to read your words again!

  11. You must be biking too fast! 🙂 Ah, it is good to hear from you and to read your poetic voice again, Claudia. I am happy for all of your accomplishments and wish you all the best always.

  12. Your back sharing your imagery and wonderful words. It’s so nice to read you again and hear about your life. ( I read your interview at Dverse.). I miss you, yet understand that life moves on and we discover new blessings and challenges. Love your paintings. Take care Claudia. Be well and don’t forget us.

  13. I think I may have that image of coffee with black wings with me for a while and the artificial light. So good to see you again, you have been missed.

  14. the blackness spills over the second stanza melting into piercing sadness…so heartfelt words….lovely to read your lines after such a long time…

  15. Oh yes, this is why I miss your unique writing style… the imagery, the story behind the compact lines, the dialogue….. I especially like “wrapped in bridge shades”.

  16. Hi Claudia.. Sorry i wasn’t able to participate in responding to your 5 year anniversary of Dverse Poetry prompt challenge.. i got through most of Brian’s prompt but other waves of inspiration came my way which often is the case these days.. anyway.. as always nice poetry here.. but i am coming here to thank you and empirically give you that thanks in what your effort in helping to create the opportunity to read/comment on DiVerse creative efforts from poets
    around the world has done for me in my milestones of life..
    i came here in 2013.. after living a literal
    hell in a synergy of 19 life threatening
    illnesses for 66 months that
    suddenly came to an
    end when i yes..
    literally met
    the face of
    God in a literal
    Therapist assessed
    miracle that was never
    seen before.. of course the
    therapist was Catholic.. the other
    Doctor’s assessed it as we don’t know
    how you recovered… In God’s Language which
    of course is not the English one or any other human
    Language.. God ‘told’ me God was going to have me
    do something for God that no human had ever done before..
    i had no idea what it was going to be other than something with
    a camera.. something with feet and something with words and that
    my friend has come to be the longest long form poem now at the 688th
    Macro-Verse point with God knows how many micro-verses held with-in
    each macro-verse whole approaching 4 million words that is at least 4 times
    longer than the Bible.. 40 times longer than the Kuran.. and yes twice as long
    as that other poem Mahābhārata at 1.8 million words.. of course all of those
    were group efforts and not accomplished by one individual.. so sure now mission
    is accomplished but not without a ‘little help’ from my friends.. and you my friend
    were a gift from God along with Brian.. as one of those Macro Verses from 2015.. where i made a poetic expression to every single prompt and every single poem that was linked from that entire year from April of 2015 to March of 2016.. when i started feeling the pressure from folks to change what i was doing.. that only increased my fortitude of God’s Will in me.. inspired me more and that one
    effort ended up being one verse total of 338,630 words.. and a Novel unto
    itself of course in Free Verse style too.. Interestingly.. both you and Brian..
    reflect an action of being in both tolerance and acceptance
    in differences of others that reflects the Golden rule
    of Jesus that truly means gentile or jew.. servant
    or free.. woman or man no more.. in other
    words room enough for every
    one to contribute
    a verse no
    or how long..
    OUR WAY..
    smiles.. you and
    Brian most always
    reciprocated visits.. no
    matter how far you had to
    wade down into what i did..
    no need to visit my friend..
    i was never looking for
    a reward
    only to give..
    and sadly it’s
    amazing how hard
    it can be to even do
    that in super epic way
    as Jesus said through
    Saint John there would
    people after him who would
    do much more..
    UP.. and other line..
    when Luke said heaven
    was @hand now..
    he was
    and at least
    in my life
    Bless you
    in all you
    do.. i was in this
    to serve the Lord from
    the Get go.. and i wRite on..
    as a witness and court reporter.. of sorts..