how much sap fits in a mountain, pocket book, a tree, a piece of autumn or–


my daughter texts that they collect
yellow boletus and chestnuts
&eat until their stomach hurts, full
with fall and forest

“heck, be careful cause–“
“we know which ones to take”

i’m in love    with every tree

“thank you for not leaving me” hubs says
and takes my hand
as we walk up the vineyards,
the old castle is a toy, slipped from a giant’s pocket
in a magic landscape

&behind each bend i look for Gandalf’s flying coat, long beard,
his smile, a firework tucked neatly in his horsecart
&a sense of strength

in every leaf that stretches
red and yellow limbs towards the sky

like me
as the wind plays with the trees, their laughter
sinking deep
into my chest, resonating
along the ribcage// skeleton
a harp, a xylophone, a brass band
that responds by improvising chords
on ragged blues scales

“i can’t brEAthe //deep enough” i say
“i want–“

i wanna lie in autumn’s hands, make love
without fearing the fall
to bring forth fresh growth
&send a message to each worm that wiggles by my ear

that it was worth it.


17 responses to “how much sap fits in a mountain, pocket book, a tree, a piece of autumn or–

  1. I don’t think I’ve read such a lovely autumn poem ever. I like the love interwoven throughout and the playful relationship with nature. Also, I notice a reconciliatory tone with your husband. All is well, I’ll breathe now. Have a good weekend Claudai. Enjoy the weather, and all.

  2. In autumn when the trees are brilliant colored, it is so easy to fall in love with the trees….forgetting that change is imminent and soon the branches will be bare. Will love last then? I always wonder…each autumn…about relationships, and it is good that your love is still there for tree & well…just there….and together you have grown and will grow more. And lying in autumn’s hands is a beautiful place to be!

  3. “i wanna lie in autumn’s hands, make love
    without fearing the fall”

    Brilliant lines. I have just drawn writing about autumn to a close, but you make me want to go back…

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  5. … fall and winter cumin in hard now, here in AB, … no matter what … it was a guuud spring and summer, C … lots of surplus grain …and surely will remember the smell of the leaves and mushrooms next 2 my skin, when i lay there, saying good bye 2 my beloved woods 4 another year … and the sound of rutting deer and moose right now pains me , cuz they r in love this time of year and thus careless 2 human predators … and hunting season just started … … run … run … run … lover … glad U didn’t, C …smiles … tears … cuz I did, and there’s is no looking back … o. well … Always, cat.

  6. Absolutely delicious and what a relief. With a number of friends and family back in America I was thinking of another kind of sap that is invading the Country. It is going into an election year…

  7. wonderful feelings of unconditional love and wilderness when watching the colors of fall…I feel it here, in your poem, new changes coming with seasons change, fresh and innovative….Much Love!

  8. First serious snow today here in Alberta, C … no more colour cuz everything will be white for the next 5 months … I put up my colourful X-Mas tree 2day … so there, old man Winter, take that … smiles … Love, cat.