“it’s a different way of thinking” my colleague nods
when i talk about dividing excel cells
into something more processable
“it’s logical”
“solution focussed”

at this point
i’m already 12 hours in the office,
when i look up from my work,
everyone has left
the first dark shades of night creep loudless
‘cross the parking lot outside my window

i drive home
pack a parcel
clean my painting space
get a hammer from the basement,
pull some rusty nails
and forget to sign the greeting card
for my best friend

i paint a head
overpaint it with a chicken,
with a flower/cow
a shade of black
then scratch the surface with a trowel and some sand

but everything that was there from the start
mysteriously stays,
adding -though unseen-

this night i dream of Steve
leaving a comment for me on fb
in his charming way
to play with UPPER case,
the violin man–&
i smile in my sleep

the last tunes of Vivaldi fragile in the room
as i get up
for breakfast.


25 responses to “Segmentation

  1. Steve … ya … I know Violin Steve, too … I know Vivaldi too … his winter segment of his 4 seasons is lovely … winter is upon us here and he usually stays for 5 months … I am a bit, just a tiny bit afraid of what is 2 cum … ya … the cold is no fun,C … hope u r doin alright? Love, cat.

  2. I really like the complexity of the layers of paint, so like life. One of the things I like best about your art is your fearless approach to color. And I suppose I could say the same thing about your poetry. The way that you work in music is always such a delight.

  3. So many layers in a painting, just like the reality going from excel cells into the dreams.. Your paintings are getting more and more like your poetry. Complex and rich and yes, very very bold. I think this just like the world..

  4. “the first dark shades of night creep loudless”

    Sometimes I want to steal some of your lines. 🙂 This is one of them. Maybe I should start working 12 hours, too. 🙂 I loved the randomness of this poem, loved it to bits. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  5. It is comforting that you dream a bit about Steven leaving you a message on Facebook. Who knows…..he might still be around in some way; and dreams can be so real. I am sure you will always think of him when you hear Vivaldi…and that, I think, is a good thing.

  6. Like this blue inside red and a heart in the middle…layers technique – so cool…if we do the same in poems, matching layers – it’s almost like composing the music out of motives into the melody….very creative and innovative too..

  7. Your poem/painting is a microcosm of life…random & complex, “loudless” & musical, all the layers make up the whole…and friends make our dreams smile!

  8. I like seeing the different fragments of your day, the thoughts that surface from its complexity and how you catch them in your poetry and your paintings. Both are luscious, so complicated, real. Lovely work Claudia.

  9. Life feels like that at times, doesn’t it. This year for me has felt like that in so many ways. Like everything you write. Hear you are taking a break. I wish you well.