there’s few things that you cannot paint on actually

i’d paint music onto trashbins (pentatonic&chromatic licks//riffs)
and on all the fences, hashtags, toilet seats

if people let me, free–

in the presence of good friends (eating eggplants
with a yogurt pomegranate topping from my newest cook book)
in speech, penciling pink nailpolish

onto the tiniest canvas // “doN’t get stuck within a frame” said someone once//
early morning& i ride to work
*lock the bike*pull out the earplugs*undress in the checkroom*

(&even after showering)find cerulean paint splashed across knees &wrists
when putting on my office dress —in the weirdest way it matches the day

&makes me smile//as i badge in


for dVerse and my words are…  paint, music, bike(rides to work) and free(dom), good friends, pink nailpolish
all packed into 12 lines.. oy


33 responses to “there’s few things that you cannot paint on actually

  1. Ha. How can you be an artist and not get paint everywhere you know. I like the marriage of paint and music in the first part as I think a big part of art is finding the music in things. I imagine art ans music color most things in your life Claudia.

  2. I almost chose freedom, smiles ~ Admiring the paint brushes and paints everywhere Claudia ~ I love the line – don’t get stuck with the frame – I am learning from you, thank you ~

  3. there’s a beauty in the creation isn’t there. I’ve always understood the joy of motion, but his makes me think of the joy of creating.

  4. Yours was one of the few poems finished early on, but I could not grasp the significance of the six words; ditto for reading Victoria’s. So had to wait for clarification after the Pub opened; hate it when that happens. 12 lines is short for many of us. but you included volumes of insight into you & your day; lovely.

  5. Ah, sorry to be so mean, and try to make it fit into 12 lines… but I had the feeling yours might include paint and music and bike rides. It’s just the pink nailpolish that surprised me!
    That splash of paint which marks you out for the day… it’s a delightful touch!

  6. Impressed that you kept to the twelve lines, Claudia. And all the more powerful for it. Unlike Marina, I wasn’t surprised by the pink nailpolish; I kinda see you as a pink nailpolish kinda girl 😉

  7. I certainly wish you had the freedom to share your art in any form you wanted. How blessed we all would be. I’m not a fan of eggplant, but the way you “painted” it made me want to give it a go again! 🙂

  8. This is so beautiful. The music, the color, the desire to paint for free, anywhere and everywhere you can. That dish you made sounds so yummy! I see “peach” inside “speech.” Also, love that you’re going to work with paint still on your body, and that it sort of sets the mood for the day. Beautiful work.

  9. Oh.. GRAFFITI paints mean
    and kind COLORS
    shades of GREEN follow
    BLUE of souls.. bright
    sun YELLOW spirit
    opens BLACK hole
    key.. locking life heart
    no longer.. Now is Free..:)

  10. I love how you want to decorate the world with your unique art and then….you take cerulean blue with you to work on your body! This so made me cheer and pump my fist when I read it. Still you even with the business dress on. Such a strong positive thing. And the pink nail polish? I’m a lavender polish girl and love how it surprises people at times.

  11. I can see you painting on just about anything. 🙂 A true artist at heart. I love the juxtaposition of your artistry and badging in at work — separate parts of your life that cannot ever really be separated. Peace, Linda

  12. I so love that you’ve taken up your art again. I know we once spoke of it. Reminds me so of ‘modern art’ and has your very own Claudia flavor. Now I am retired I will be able to do more of mine once the house sells….hopefully soon.