cops &robbers& –all in between

i’m from thin walls in a worker’s suburb,
a lawn between appartment blocks that morphs
quick as lightning into seas, a lake,
spaceship or deserted moonscape,
campingground & university for cloudshapes

i’m of branches like a cradle
arms and legs, scratched
heavy storms passed,
of a nearby highway where we climb
illuminated signs at night,

i am from stolen fruits,
potatoes we roast in open fires on construction grounds
smell of fresh cement and steeldust in our nose

i’m from a white dress
messed up on the first day

i am endless bikerides to the river
where we play robinson&friday
between chemical drainage and shards,
rescue helper
to a million earthworms

counter of the dots on ladybugs// y’ar highness? please,
is it age you carry sprinkled on your back?
(picture this ina sophisticated english dialect)
most of us survived them

some years at least


where you’re from? is mary’s question for us at dVerse today…


37 responses to “cops &robbers& –all in between

  1. Oh, I like this, Claudia! Can relate to “white dress messed up on first day” and “counter of the dots on ladybugs” 🙂

  2. I don’t know if where you’re from is what makes you special, but you are. How wonderful, all the things that make you you. Great imaginative poem Claudia. Love it.

  3. This really gives quite a glimpse, Claudia. From the thin walls in a worker’s suburb to the smell of fresh cement and steeldust & playing Robinson Crusoe between chemical drainage and shards. All details that make up a life. So many ‘bits’ that speak louder than the words, and yet there is survival…..and more than that! Smiles.

  4. This is a wonderful personal self-portrait, Claudia. What you tell us, what you show, what you let us complete. I also like how you wrote to the prompt in your very own way.

  5. No matter what prompt, you always put a special twist and keep it Claudia-esque.
    I’m familiar with thin walls aka a pain in the neck… oy…
    and how interesting is the stolen fruits and potatoes roasting on construction grounds… Sounds fun to me. smiles

  6. Oh, love this counting the spots of ladybugs…we were singing songs to them….and potatoes fun too…evocative and fun…cool response!

  7. This was vivid! And I relate to the white dress messed up on the first day. And could almost smell the potatos, the rust, the cement, the chemicals. Nicely painted…

  8. I agree, you have this piece overflowing with Claudiaesque glimpses & honied imagery. No matter how many different ways we are prompted to do Bio-poems, each time it seems, more gems of truth, or insight into authors, rises to the top. I like your lines /of a nearby highway where we climb/illuminated signs at night/.

  9. “i’m from a white dress
    messed up on the first day”

    I loved this line. I have no idea why but I loved it. That’s what good poetry does sometimes. It triggers off a feeling that you can’t quite identify at first until a few hours, even days, later, you go Yes!, that’s what it was.


    Greetings from London.

  10. All of this is amazing. Somehow, my white dresses stayed neat which surprises me because I climbed a tree the first day I wore it. And the ladybug – oh the stories they could tell of curious children.

  11. I enjoyed this peek into where you are from. My favorite stanza was: “i’m from a white dress / messed up on the first day.” Coupled with the next stanza it made me think of catching pollywogs in the pond in my good school clothes. 🙂 Peace, Linda

  12. Oh, yes, those pesky white dresses…! And a nice combination of rural and urban, of small pockets of greenness amidst the smell of cement and stell dust.
    So nice to discover more about the people we write alongside…

  13. “rescue helper to a million earthworms”—-I love this….that’s exactly what I was too…it certainly did mess up those white dresses, didn’t it? 😉

  14. This passage was so powerful for me as well, some great imagery and sensations: “i am endless bikerides to the river
    where we play robinson&friday
    between chemical drainage and shards,”
    Bike rides to the river, oh, sweet memories I can relate so well to. Thank you 🙂

  15. Claudia you made lyrical postcards out of your memories. I loved the rhythm of this piece! Favorite line: counter of the dots on ladybugs// y’ar highness? please.

  16. Claudia, you are from so many beautiful things. Your style is so fluid, so descriptive that I feel as though I was there with you when they were stored away in your memory….

  17. Claudia, this is great, the potatoes roasting actually brought a sense memory to my nostrils. Vivid stuff. Liked the move from where you are from to who you are, because they are often one and the same. A solid collection of formative memories! Amy

  18. eyes glued on this line: “i am from stolen fruits,” this was like a slit through which i peeped and found a little me doing the same thing with mouth watering mango pickle prepared by my grandma…love these forever fresh memories…

  19. “I’m from a white dress messed up on the first day”…it made me imagine the story behind it. This had lovely images appealing to the senses and the lady bug stanza was “spot on”…;)

  20. Thanks for sharing the dreary, not so ideal scenes of growing up where kids did what they could to play, find fun despite the setting; yet I see the precious moments tucked in about ladybugs, probably warm mittens, the delight in the holidays and having friends. Your life, your style, our pleasure to read!
    Sorry I haven’t been around…personal stuff, ya know 😉

  21. … have to admit, I come from the robber’s side of the tracks … smiles … nice to have you back, C … Love, cat.