he reminded me of where i’m from

his eyes are of a blue
that haven’t unlearned skies&color yet,
little feet in sports shoes
dangle from the high-seat of his shopping cart,
i line up at the checkout,

by the days end queues &unnerved customers
he looks at me

“hey–“ i smile
like a bird with fragile wings
he holds his hands before his eyes,
then slowly peeks,
i do the same
while piling groceries onto the black conveyor’s chest
he chortles, lost

inside a moment on a stage he’s not aware of,
people watch
the lines around their eyes turn soft like cotton wool
&it’s just us

a hundred miles away — his dad smiles
pushing the overloaded cart towards the car park
“say bye-bye to the woman”

the boy laughs, waves his little arms
embracing thousand unseen stars,
a sailboat in distress

“cash or card?” the woman at the counter asks
but i’ve drifted way too far
to really hear her


for PU


41 responses to “he reminded me of where i’m from

  1. Ah…you’ve captured an experience I think many of us have had and once again represented in a unique way…brought a smile to my face as I read your poem.

  2. Such fun to interact with a child ahead of you in the check-out line. One can’t help but smile at the connection…as the child smiles back at you as if you are, for a moment, the most important person in the world!

  3. I’m forever chatting and smiling and playing peekaboo with babies at the supermarket check-out. I love the way you capture the sheer joy of life and living in the moment!

  4. A child’s sweet smile will bring one’s senses onto a similar sweetness. One forgets momentarily of life’s pressures! Thanks for sharing that special moment Claudia!


  5. I immediately connected with the grocery store. It reminded me of a little girl in a cart that kept saying hi to me and she wanted to give me her doll. So cute..there is something magical that connects us even if we are only watching a few carts back. It lightens the heart. Nice to see you again Claudia.

  6. enjoyed the innocence exuding your poem. such tender moment between you and the kid.

    smiled at your closing lines 🙂

  7. That sounds like a lovely world to disappear in…if only we too could have moments dangling our feet from shopping carts and reaching for stars…wonderful places where you don’t need cash or cards

  8. Claudia, this might be one of the most beautiful things I’ve read in a very long time. You’ve captured a moment, with a haiku-like quality. I know. I know there are many words, but it’s just a glimpse of people being natural… and it lasts forever. ♥

  9. I love the metaphors you used in your poem, especially “haven’t unlearned skies&color yet.” You captured that seemingly “ordinary” moment beautifully.

  10. this warmed my heart. I could picture myself there watching this exchange…the corners of my eyes crinkling as I smile.

  11. You’ve captured a lovely scene here. I think poetic sketches of moments that include little children are particularly tender and meaningful because many of them are indelibly etched in a little one’s mind – more so than with adults, I think. A beautiful piece.

  12. ‘people watch
    the lines around their eyes turn soft like cotton wool’
    and so they do, that is the absolute wonder the magic brought of children, still young enough that their
    ‘eyes are of a blue
    that haven’t unlearned skies&color yet,’
    Lovely write Claudia.
    Anna :o]

  13. “I’ve drifted too far to really hear her”—love it when a moment so captivates us that we ‘zone out’ like that for a minute because we are transported away from the mundane of life into another moment that is far more beautiful and meaningful.

  14. Nicely observed vignette Claudia, assembled with your usual skill and flair… With Best Wishes Scott Sorry! I thought I’d left a comment to this effect on Sunday – but obviously didn’t, despite remembering framing my response – hey! Ho!