i dunno if you heard about the secrets of a moths’ eye yet

the night
is spring pul/sating
on my arms and legs,
a wooden bench
and moths rotate in weird circles round the streetlight, dancers
their tutus half-burnt

my fingers trace the pattern of—

i need to mow the lawn i think


how bats fly //sky-dive, be the captain of a spaceship

the moon’s cold ragged lips

he may taste
of kitkat with wasabi,
of a word, unsaid,
of dough, knead in a child’s warm hands,
of me?

a colleague walks up to my desk
“you’re a good strategic thinker”

i stretch

into the quiet of a cat that looks for prey
&watch my shadow disappear,
a thief with pockets full of game

“do you Need to write or paint?”

i’ve no idea i say
to the moth with nanostructured eyes
&that all bad things start with expectations

bow&arrrow lose around her hips
she stops //and looks at me

for a long, long time


33 responses to “i dunno if you heard about the secrets of a moths’ eye yet

  1. Ah, the secrets of the moths’ eye crackle and whisper in the candles glow as it perishes in the last dance of the flame. Great metaphors Claudia!

  2. No, I had not. Apparently they pierce you even as they dance and burn–at night with you and your moon and in the day at your desk. I like the image of the hunter with bow and arrow as I’ve always felt a hidden relationship of Eros and Astarte. We fall in love again and again without expectations. I would love to feel encouraged to have some!

  3. What an intriguing title.. loved that one.. the question from your coworker probably means: “you do it,. I’m too lazy”… a lot like getting your wings burnt too.. maybe I’m off but that’s where my thinking went… Good to read you Claudia.

  4. So many images in this poem, Claudia. Your words flow fast as you give the reader glimpses of reality beside the unreality; and sometimes it is hard to know the difference. Smiles. I love the comparison of moths to dancers with their tutus half burned!

  5. I like what you say about expectations. So I’ll try not to have any. But I think you’ll write and paint. At least I hope you don’t stop writing. Hope you’re doing well Claudia.

  6. i like the conversation with the moth… had one hanging from my ceiling for awhile… then I realized he was dead… yet, I still left him there for a year… the odd things people can do

  7. “do you Need to write or paint?” – this line jumped out of the screen since I have just spent some time painting because I could not write. But as I am unhappy with what I painted I am back to the computer in the hope that I can write!

  8. “i stretch / into the quiet of a cat that looks for prey”…then an artist’s leap for colors, canvas & words and it’s also good to know that “that all bad things start with expectations”…this one’s a big canvas Claudia with beautiful images…

  9. Moths’ eyes get destroyed in flames with lots of noise! Life can be just as noisy when difficult times show themselves! Great lines Claudia!


  10. my younger son claims to have mottephobia – a fear of moths. having one look him in his eye unnerves him – but I’m thinking, not you ~

  11. Of course it is not only moths that you are talking of but also about others in our lives. We each of us are like planets circling around influencing and being influenced by others on their similar life journeys. That moth so insignificant is just a mirror of us in whole scheme of things. Great and thoughtful post.

  12. Really like the rich imagery in your poem. (now I’m sorry I haven’t visited in a long time!) A collegue seemed to have broken the narrator’s wonderment at the moths. The moths and their nano-structure eyes. How often I have hesitated to answer, afraid of starting an “expectation”, because they do lead to unhappiness most often times.

    This poem is fun to read.

  13. interesting how our lives take on a similar path in that we traverse the day, the week the year in much the same way the moth circles around the lamp light trying to enter into its genesis without knowledge of the ramifications


  14. your poem made me smile and conjure up images of Joan of Arc. even though there are references to modern-day things like the office and stuff, still there’s a feeling of her in your poem and it was a fun read, very creative! Good day!

  15. I’ve reas few stories and poems about moth and I always enjoy reading them just like this one. Expectations can be high stress though.

    The kitkat with wasabi flavor made me smile – Japan has lots of different flavored kitkats.

  16. I admire the imaginative write specially:

    i stretch

    into the quiet of a cat that looks for prey
    &watch my shadow disappear,
    a thief with pockets full of game

    “do you Need to write or paint?”

    I say, enjoy both, smiles ~