high-pressure cleaner//we just call them kärcher//that’s successful branding isn’t it?


the easter bunny on my desk
is headless
someone asks

“if there were no consequences
–how would you want to live?”

a space for dreams

uncensored yet
of what is possible

there’s no such thing as neutral ground
&it takes bravery
to allow the mind to–

i stop in the middle of a thought
the size of africa– beyond–
windows&paths that lead like rivers in-
to something huge&beautiful

my colleague leans on the counter,
talks about italian cars,
and i get only half of it//because it’s foreign
and he’s talking fast

“&if he’s late?” he asks, caTching his breath

“he won’t” i smile
“he wears two watches”
filling in the blanks//t( )cK T( )cK

as if that is a guarantee
to get
the signs of time


for oln at dVerse

41 responses to “high-pressure cleaner//we just call them kärcher//that’s successful branding isn’t it?

  1. Always such interesting streams of consciousness…was taken by the line ” there’s no such thing as neutral ground..” an awareness many fail to recognize.

  2. I like how this bounces around the office, your mind, thoughts as big as Africa, neutral grounds, and the ticking of time. Each sentence makes me stop and think for a moment. That’s your talent Claudia and it’s now expanding into your paintings. How lovely.

  3. You weave such amazing little connections between your lines.. especially intrigued about the two watches.. what an way to keep the time, almost like walking in circles I would say… and the title adding another layer of thought to your poem… 🙂

  4. I enjoy the little details & things you make the reader ponder in your poems. Like the question about how would a person want to live if there were no consequences! That is a BIG question. I do wonder how many would live differently! I smiled about the two watches. Wonder if wearing two of them would indeed make the habitually late person more timely. Ha.

  5. I like the space for dreams, allowing your mind to wander beyond, the size of Africa ~ It takes bravery indeed ~

    Love the colors of your new painting Claudia ~

  6. the painting is incredible, & yes the stream of poetic consciousness is delicious. I once saw a man wearing four watches, two on each wrist. I did not ask him his justification for this, noticing they all were Disney character timepieces.

  7. my easter bunnies lose their heads first…and even if the white (chocolate) easter bunny wears multiple watches…he’s always late. smiles

  8. “if there were no consequences
    –how would you want to live? oh man… if that were real, I think this world would be over and burning to pieces… I love the connections made here… and wearing two watches, even that isn’t a guarantee… smiles

  9. How would I live if there were no consequences? Interesting question Claudia–it is a question that sort of stops people in their tracks–

  10. I think it’s dangerous…to live without them….then we would turn in little lighthearted kids for sure! everyone likes to experiment….smiles….love the sketch, your thought the size of Afrika and watches…how someone still measuring what happens with them…? really?….happy weekend to you!

  11. I like how one headless bunny leads to wondering about the kind of lives we would leave if there were no consequences. Which reminds me that I read two days ago that it is the fear to be caught, not the type of punishment, that stops people to carry out horrible things.

  12. An amazing day in the office, a waiting moment with thoughts that b i g OH! If only than I might be exactly here silently contemplating cleaning up the entire world!

  13. Beautiful poem! It has a very soothing flow down the screen. Love the watches and how you present the ticking especially.

  14. “If there were no consequences – how would you want to live?” What a liberating, yet terrifying question. Your lines open up my mind, & create thoughts as big as Africa… 🙂 Great work as always, Claudia.

  15. It takes bravery to entertain an anything- goes question like designing your life based on how you want to live. This poem makes me think bigger.

  16. I fear I would probably still be late even with two watches, ha. A life without consequences…hmm…that is hard to imagine. I like the way this one bounces…though an Easter bunny with no head is likely all bounced out…smiles.

  17. A bunny and two watches in one poem calls for an “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!” quote. Doubt that double timepieces would help the habitually tardy soul.

  18. that’s the truth, isn’t it? There is no such thing as neutral ground. Hmm.
    I like how you stop yourself mid-thought:

    i stop in the middle of a thought
    the size of africa– beyond–
    windows&paths that lead like rivers in-
    to something huge&beautiful

    because consequentially that is what no consquences brings up.

  19. This poem reminds me of something I read recently – it was about allowing ourselves to grow by asking ourselves – who would I be if I ” ? “, and how would I act. Funny where poems take us.

  20. We are often reborn headless! I don’t know what I’d do with no consequences–it would depend if I still get paid–great pic, Claudia, and lovely movement in the poem. k.