as of today you could wrap the earth 7 times in plastic

tree houses

tree houses/by me..


i’m a/game inside a game,
carrying sacks of black ore on my back,
“you want straw or sheep for it?”

i want verbs” i say–

a thief– by nature,
steal ’em from opossums, treehousesteps&roo bags
from the guy on mainstreet who leans heavily forward
&pees against the bus stop sign
i buy curd soap
“60 cents”

to exchange my shower gel, shampoo&

yesterday i learned
they contain microplastic

itsy-bitsy balls that aptly slip
through every filter in the sewage plant
board a motor bike&drift through mile-long pipes
into the sea,

guess what?

mr. fish
mistakes ’em for his main dish

i steal verbs but doN’t
stEaL future from my kids,
have them eat plastic meals,
foil the size of spain
spanned over vegetable fields
swallowing the landscape

“you got wood?
i barter them for four-legged chicken with six wings
barbarian you think?
come one– just profitably smart

a falcon hits
&throws me from the horse


then looks at me with big, brown eyes,

guiltily chirping.


verbs, verbs, verbs… it’s all about verbs at dVerse today… the more, the better -ha – and i saw this report on tv about plastic and that it is not so harmless as they want us make believe…ugh.. frightening… and i really bought curd soap…it is great – ha… &i like the smell.. honestly…smiles


33 responses to “as of today you could wrap the earth 7 times in plastic

  1. This one is a perfect use of verbs.. all those little disturbing images from the man peeing in the street to the four-legged chicken with six wings.. those little plastic beads are disturbing… the first line of being a game withing a game once again recall the lines from Poe, which is very apt given what we might inadvertently do to fishes just by washing our faces…

  2. Actually I think that stealing verbs is fair game. Find a good verb somewhere? Claim it as your own. They multiply anyway, don’t they? And I never heard of verb snatching labelled a crime….unlike purse snatching or child snatching or….. Ah, but stealing a future from children is another matter. Sad about the plastic and the foil and all the junk we pollute and maim the environment with.

  3. Yessss, my poetry is strewn with far too many nouns (and adjectives, OK< I admit), have to include more verbs. So I like how you incorporated both the idea and the verbs into your poem – although you could have included even more!

  4. I like all the images in this and of course the movement brought on by the verbs. Imagine if we all found ways to reduce the amount of plastic and foil we use. Our children and the fish would be so grateful. This is a lovely poem to bring home that message. I like your painting too.

  5. Oh those plastic beads are in a number of products read something about awhile ago…very disturbing…love how you met the challenge with verb usage.

  6. I love the poetic stealing of verbs ~ we have been aware of these things and have shifted partly to organic and nature- made soap ~ Love this part best:

    i steal verbs but doN’t
    stEaL future from my kids,
    have them eat plastic meals,
    foil the size of spain
    spanned over vegetable fields
    swallowing the landscape

  7. I got so lost in the topic–so well presented–that I had to go back and pay attention to the verbs and realized how very well they work for this compelling poem, Claudia. And the texture of the painting, the texture of the poem–delightful.

  8. Claudia, I always love your poems, but rarely know what to say in response. Piss is a verb with aim. Got to like that one. Maybe I really don’t know what to say! ha I just like your work.

  9. I soap the days sometimes…oh, it seems takes me somewhere…your playful phrases and thoughts, and houses-sketches …so cool! Thanks :)x

  10. My favorite verb, so some reason was barter.

    I also liked the concept of the micro-plastic. Micro plastic seems more insidious than just regular plastic.

  11. The painting….oh my I do like it. I did not know about those insidious plastic beads…out damned beads….Tomorrow different soap comes into this house. I am a foil person but…..when I unwrap it from what it was protecting, I rinse it off with hot water and soap and let it dry to use again. I started using parchment paper years ago to line baking pans to cut down on mess and I am glad I did. Okay…the poem just is a delight. Stealing verbs but not stealing the future is golden.

  12. Ecology infused with passion, humor, & hubris; lovely, fun, & lined thickly with prophetic alacrity; another grand journey, laced with levity, but sharp as a knife’s edge, your points well said, your verbs frolicking fancifully.

  13. Soap is chemically very simple, but those additives… a neverending changing cornucopia of chemistry only meant to make the product different from the next one on the shelf, regardless of the consequences.

  14. Plastic is a noun i cannot delight.. a noun that stays and can never change into food of fish or prey or even predator alike…

    Ah.. the rubber lures of life.. are painted with plastic cans of lemmings trapped..

    where life cannot escape or even eat.. away.. a plastic trail of never ending
    byproducts of human.. lore..:)

  15. Claudia, I love the artwork it makes me want to write a poem about it to capture the love in the corner..raw and natural…I think we all steal some verbs with the hope of bringing action into life. happy spring..

  16. You start with the delightful images of you stealing verbs…I picture you reaching into the pouch of the roo like a pick pocket) and then go on to make us consider the future of the planet. What more could a reader ask for? Brilliant!

  17. i steal verbs but doN’t
    stEaL future from my kids,
    have them eat plastic meals,
    foil the size of spain
    spanned over vegetable fields
    swallowing the landscape

    You delivered the message perfectly, have a good weekend Claudia….

  18. So many things they won’t tell us are harmful…now antibiotics in bacon?! You always use a lot of verbs, as they add power to the message…Love the houses!