despite a measle epidemic//who could kiss him//not

the pattern of today,
sewn half-way in my face
blisters like old wallpaint

thick threads,
cut loose the garment
as i walk

along the spree
deciding to get lost

on purpose
velvet patches understitched
all pins and chalkmarks
on my chest,
a thin worn fabric

as he serves
radicchio with grapes and walnuts
weather beaten face
a brown hat
“thank you”

“some fresh mint tea?”
“oh that would be great”

on the neighbor’s table,
jesus in blue jeans leaves,
bearded, long hair,

steps onto a sea of traffic&graffiti//held
by flat fell seams&fibres, mass-produced
in weird zigzag in a sweatshop down the road
of yet

another strand of sweat
repair-glued//madly kissing
i– a desperate traveler,

the very core of kreuzberg& the wind’s



hey… just back from berlin…
&over at dVerse Anna challenges us to break out of our routine a bit – for example by using vocabulary or phrases related to one subject or idea to write about another… doors open at 3pm EST…


29 responses to “despite a measle epidemic//who could kiss him//not

  1. love all the sewing in this…the opening is really poignant for me…the pattern of today…i find this cultural…the culture of now…and having that on your face like blisters, sewn half on…is quite vivid…the purpose — could actually be the subject of that stanza which makes for an interesting interpretation as well…the speechless jesus there in the end as well…pretty cool progression in this claudia…

  2. … o, what a tangled web we weave, and i like it that way … and besides, i had already had measles a long time a go … so, let’s kiss … smiles … Love, cat.

  3. Sometimes it is nice to get lost on purpose…before having radicchio with grapes and walnuts. And all of those threads zigzagging reminds me of a path through life.

  4. Well, I know little about sewing… but I do know a little about Berlin and it certainly is a patchwork of styles, influences, subcultures, architectures… and eccentrics, by the sounds of it.

  5. JESUS IN BLUE JEANS should have been a ballad by Bob Dylan, or Joni Mitchell, & the beat of our seamstresses’ lament put me in mind of Chet Baker warbling “Let’s Get Lost”. You have given us diamonds when we only pined for gold. Another sterling effort, Claudia.

  6. Wow. Vivid images, Jesus in blue jeans – perfect, just as I always pictured him. Threads of life, of pain, all woven together. Getting lost on purpose…what a grand read this was.

  7. Wow and wow. The poems begotten by this exercise are terrific. Your imagery is vivid. I keep returning to the first stanza which I find incredibly strong.

  8. Your words benefit from reading upon reading as so much is inter-weaved there. Brilliantly done Claudia.
    Anna :o]

  9. Ah.. the homeless Jesus weathered and worn.. roams the land of love.. brave and free.. ah.. with love there is no worn or weathered.. as REAL LOVE only feels..ACTS and does not look above the skin..:)

  10. Fantastic and surprising! I agree with Brian that the beginning is blazingly good. You embroider the seams with great skill, creating a patchwork brilliance.

  11. we stitch our lives together don’t we, no matter how we plan it, we’re often left with only what’s at hand. This was very fine Claudia

  12. You did a marvelous job with the prompt, C. I think I could have done much better using this method..will have to try again…I like the “chalk marks on your chest…and the wind’s embroidered cross stitched lips”

  13. Love ‘weather beaten face’ – still cold here….maybe better now a little ~ Love the description of lips….. and oh, the freedom of get lost on purpose…..I think we can do it more often…till it become our job…lol

  14. My mother was an amazing seemstress and I love the way you stitch the metaphor throughout this patchwork poem. Makes me want to see Berlin. On a reent trip to Venice our concierge advised us to go out and get lost. Great advice.

  15. Jesus in blue jeans stepping in a sea of traffic/graffiti…I hope he has some strong sandals as the modern world can be rough on the sole..