&there’s this yearning for papaya suddenly

it always launches as tiny sparks
a word/scent born into the shade//random remarks
the parchment center of a map//hidden from my world//yet
undetected like the parting of a cell it starts

a new/string/high//infective script that
does not mean much in the first place, but instead
so careless, free-hand balances the thin thread of a bulb//lamp
slowly warms, widens and stretches

gets fluid in my heart// cements, expands
like puzzle pieces on a table tend
to shape their limbs to this and that space/dock&grow
the travel fever trickles in& blends

with sailboats, swaying/ tucked up neatly in a row
as clear, cerulean shades glow
bright like fen fires in the darkest woods, they show
an untouched face//&where the wind will blow me next– i do not know

DDDD… is the rhyme scheme Gay wants us writing to over at dVerse… doors open at 3pm EST…


34 responses to “&there’s this yearning for papaya suddenly

  1. I like the progression in this one, Claudia. It starts out with the ‘sparks’ & then ‘slowly warms widens and strengthens,’ becomes ‘fluid’ as the ‘travel fever’ develops, and eventually ends with the wondering where the wind will blow you. You expressed how it happens VERY well & ‘aced’ the rhyme scheme.

  2. Love how that tiny spark can grow bright like fen fires ~ Also love this part:

    gets fluid in my heart// cements, expands
    like puzzle pieces on a table

    the free style following rhyming scheme is uniquely your voice ~

  3. You leaped off the rhyming cliff & sailed like a hang glider in the poetic thermals, always brandishing your own voice; this really works well, & I love how many of our rhymes are abstracts. Love the lines /undetected like the part of a cell it starts/ &
    /bright like fen fires in the darkest woods, they show/.

  4. Aren’t those little sparks that light the desire for whatever fun and surprising? I think, when it comes to food, scent is the big instigator. Love your freedom, even within the form.

  5. How artfully you crafted your poem, Claudia! I could hear you in my ear and know your rhymes were true as you say the words so I didn’t read them in “Texan” – I read them calling up your voice.The call of Wanderlust is always in your work and how fabulously you explore it here – keeping true to your own style and yet adapting the form along with it. I admire that so much. And may I say your artwork is as good as the poem! What a complete artist you are. I’m so happy I know you!!

  6. I echo Kvennarad comment and add that you have that special something, a command of the written word.

    Anna :o]

  7. I like the way the traveling bug seems to catch you and then won’t let go. Interesting that at that point you still do not know where it will take you. I enjoyed the painting too, the colors and the flowers which evoked a patter that could be used for a dress or a bedspread.

  8. hopefully you dont travel too far away…but i know the yearning…perhaps when summer comes…maybe i will return to nyc…smiles…i like the technique on the flowers in the painting…

  9. I like the progression and how each of the first three verses show growth building up to be set free which ever way the wind blows. I sometimes wonder which comes first the poem or the painting?

  10. My, you dissected the details of the mind leading up to an idea..born from a cell…it’s fruition a dream of a vacation…and your sketch fits the wild flirtatious poem…cool,c.

  11. As often, I read through the comments looking for hints of how to understand this poem:
    — an evolution of a thought/poem/creation(art)
    — birth of a flower (analogy?)
    — birth of travel desires, like desire for papaya

    Is the drawing yours? (Love it!)
    Rhyme and syllables broken in the form, but you and Brian (and several others) are really Averse to such things. Cool, eh?, “A-verse”.

    I read your poems several times, btw, to stretch my mind and see if I can feel or comprehend. But alas, I am a slow fellah! 🙂 Thanks for stretching my mind.

  12. … that’s why I run away several times during the Winter months … papaya, passion fruit, coconut and colour … speaking of colour … the pic is awesome, C …

  13. Is this your painting too? You are SO gifted! I love the little fairy girl sitting on the flower … and I love the polka dots on the petals. Just beautiful.