i need to find something//in paris


“how is it” he asks
“that every time i come to your desk
there are new sweets
–&your hair gets shorter”

i smile “there’s no connection”

it was a long day
night already sinks into the cracks around my shoulder
“they were happy” he smiles
with the presentations”

“&you got a new date?”

the taste of lime&cuban rum still on my lips
i pencil down the outlines

mint leaves crushed between my hands, the scent,

i damn know now
how to mix mojito

“it is one tenth recipe” i say
“the rest psychology //whatever you would call it”
“if you asked me for a glass of rum” he nods “i would give you this one,
& we’d cut the cherry”

i squeeze lime into a boston shaker
“not that much” he says “it’s getting bitter
once you’re getting to the white”

we’re way above the basel rooftops
“hold it” he adjusts my hand
“like that– then count to four”
&i pour nightwatch, daydream, bits of me
across a sugared rim

“how did you know?” i ask
“i mean the cherry thing”& after running like a madman
through the rain in paris
hair glued in wet wriggles to my head
&in the fogged up pane i see, so–

“heck, how did you know?” i think//though
i’m not waiting

 ————–for an answer


for PU


39 responses to “i need to find something//in paris

  1. one tenth recipe…the rest psychology…i imagine so for a bar tender…they get all kinds…i like the creation touch in this…how you put a bit of yourself in the drink…but also take a bit with you…like the smell on your hands…

  2. You really looked at home behind the bar, Claudia….this makes me smile; and really I had not thought of mojitos in a while, but now I crave one. There are places here I have ordered them, but only a few places make good ones. And I bet there IS a lot of psychology in the drinks people enjoy…no surprise that you are a mojito kind of person! And I have no doubt that the mojito you would make would be THE best!!

  3. Now I want you to mix me a drink, Claudia. I think what you wrote about mixing mojitos is true about cooking too. It is definitely one tenth recipe and ‘the rest psychology’. Loved the atmosphere of your poem!

  4. I loved how it all flowed, the sense of touch, sight and smell and how intently you had us following till the last one.

  5. Sometimes the recipe is not perfect but it all depends on the taste & experience ~

    Love this part: &i pour nightwatch, daydream, bits of me
    across a sugared rim

    Happy Sunday Claudia ~

  6. “heck, how did you know?” i think//though
    i’m not waiting

    ————–for an answer

    One keeps the conversation going when behind the bar. Not necessary to wait for answers. Rightly so Claudia!


  7. I love the painting, Claudia, so colorful and surreal. I’m not into drinking but I like the metaphor of mixing a bit of this & that and the psychology that goes into the making of art and our life experiences. Smiles 🙂

  8. Yes, yes, and as your title and picture suggest, the refreshment contains all of Paris and the people too–what an experience you make for your guests as part of your job, as part of who you are. Love it!

  9. I LOVE your amazing painting of Paris!!!!! Brightness, color, landmarks………it is fantastic. I so enjoyed the poem, too, as I always enjoy your conversational poetry……you put us right there in the moment, and we get to share it. I love the night sinking into the cracks around your shoulders. Stellar!

  10. Such beautiful imagery in your wording, Claudia. We leave a part of ourselves in everything we do and take something back with us. Really great writing and story telling 🙂

  11. “it is one tenth recipe / the rest psychology”—i like that, Claudia. You seemed to have had a great cocktail mixing experience, eh? hihi… Hey, I hope you don’t mind me writing to one of your artworks, Claudia. They’re all so splendid I just couldn’t resist. Smiles. Only a couple of editing & it will be up soon. Have a nice day!

  12. This first line ‘ new sweets
    –&your hair gets shorter”’ tie us to follow…no connection? I’d not say as the mood defines the taste and influences others…special temper, ‘paris’ like, the weather, all the colors you painted so boldly compare to winter white….I won’t surprise if next your poem invites us to…circus….so longing myself….so many colors, smells and sounds…smiles

  13. The writing, the picture, so you. Fun, with a mix of something else, something you must find in Paris. And it’s not mojito, but it’s one tenth recipe.

  14. Enjoyed the whimsy of the poem–and my comment is so about the image. What a great use of complementary colors and a touch of fantasy. I guess that’s what Mojitos do to an artist/poet.

  15. Bits of you across a sugared rim… c’est très bien!
    A bit of Cuba, Paris and they all work for me and topped off by a Chagall-esque painting. Now all we need is for Hemingway to enter…