a half-shade spoon of garden/scent&hand-plucked mint

“garnish the grey” i say
with glistening cubes,

a sea, strawberry-sweet
a lime wedge sliced on a dark oak-board

&i let go beyond// the strainer’s net
lick fog-thick sugarcoat,
grown on plantations outside
cuban country roads

mold me with wide unfolding cracks
a bird,  stirred from a vermouth-bottled breeze
&nestled next,
a chaser, ship//to sails//to cyclone flanks,
a drop of rum//free fall

“i’ve measured 45ml” he says,
&in the crushing sighs

he pours//me


today at dVerse it’s my pleasure to tend the bar & we’re choosing a profession, write down 10 nouns and 10 verbs that correspond with it & by connecting the dots weave them into a poem… doors open at 3pm EST..


26 responses to “a half-shade spoon of garden/scent&hand-plucked mint

  1. I like the Cuban element too! I like the ending “He pours me//open” which seems to carry me right out of the poem! I guess I got the rules wrong as well…sigh.

  2. Cuban cocktail with a Claudia twist, you crafted a fascinating visceral journey for us without slamming us over the head with the prompt parameters; that itself is a feat. I wrote my 10 nouns & verbs, folded the paper, and then, heck, my poem just took off, free drone flight. When it landed, it def spoke to a vocation, but one had to search hard to find the prompt within it. But my view is “the poem is the thing”; whatever it takes to launch it.

  3. Just like a potent, self created cocktail, you took the parameters for a proscribed drink and then just turned it around. Surreal without being too much so. And I wonder, are you the newly created cocktail or an exotic ingredient or is this being mixed just for you? From the opening line to the last, this was an excellent read. Another one of the offerings today I find myself reading several times. The first time, I threw down my throat and enjoyed. The second time, I sipped and savored.

  4. “he pours me open” is a great concluding line to this…so often the bartender (and his creations) is able to get his patrons to spill their hearts.

  5. how evocative of the world traveler you are – with bits of alcohol and nature set against the sea and the the masts of a tall ship with a star to guide her by! Always You! Splendid.

  6. sorry i did not make it on this one…
    my word list the kids gave me is kicking my tail…lol…

    my fav part in this is the closure….the pours me open….
    there is almost a giving over to the making and the flavor of the drink being made…its more than just ingredients but something there…

  7. A super clever mix here, Claudia–I like this kind of exercise, but I am beyond doing anything in a disciplined way of late! Too much work! So I just do what strikes my fancy. Will try if I can. Take care, k.

  8. This is one mighty concoction. I adore the way you’d took us from the details of the drink, out into the source where it came from… “&i let go beyond// the strainer’s net”… smiles