ok, so this is getting quite confessional– //ha

yeah - i know - it doesn't really look like i...

yeah – i know – she doesn’t really look like i…

i love ‘em//love ‘em not—my hair
the days before the period, looks like over-cooked spaghetti
in a tribal saltlake

“wanna go out for a date? my husband asks
it’s saturday, 7pm //painting the day away, i’m still in my nightdress
“no” i say “my hair looks like shit”
“you could wear a cap”
“hmmm, ok &on the way, can we stop at the do-it-yourself?
i need masking tape, a wooden panel&–”

the guy at the information desk
hardly looks up as we ask him for directions

&i tell you, if i had Rapunzel’s gold-spun hair,
curling like a basketFullOfSnakes right to my toes
things would be different
but most probably,
he just wants to clock off &go skiing for the weekend

snow flakes in their newest ballet dress
glitter in the shine of streetlamps
carrying muted messages on blue-ish frozen lips
as we walk to the bar

the weirdest thing that i experienced
with hair//actually
was an experiment//’bout growing time
i shaved one leg &thought i’d wax the other//to compare
but then//there was no time&
two days later i had a gynecologist appointment

“&what did he say?” my husband asks
“nothing”//though there was a faint hint of a smile
wrinkling ‘round his lips

i drink cappuccino,
candles paint distorted flames on the old walls

&life sits in the corner, smirking

with a backpack full of wisdom placed by his chair,
&wears a camouflage-green parka
with a band of brock-hair round the hood
totally relaxed, leaned back in a beanbag
looks like he miscut his moustache a bit i think
as shadesparkshades rotate//&change
the light’s diffuse though

&you cannot be quite sure if
what you see is real or

//just imagined


Anthony has us write “hair” over at dVerse for poetics today… doors open at 3pm EST…


43 responses to “ok, so this is getting quite confessional– //ha

  1. Quite confessional – ha, yes I wonder what the gynecologist thought ;-). Your weaving of stories always amaze me, and I’m sure others are usually less observant to those day when the hair look like spaghetti.

  2. D’ya know, I’ve never been bothered by how my hair looks – usually because it does whatever it pleases, and in winter it’s electric with all the heating and ski-helmets and hats… But I’ve had friends who didn’t go out of the house for weeks after a bad haircut – OK, make that acquaintances rather than friends…
    I love the humour, fun and lightness and the narrative you manage to swirl and whirl into your poetry – always a joy to read!

  3. dont worry the beard will grow back….i hope its not like samson and wisdom is gone with the moustache….smiles….ha…what a trip through hair….i chuckled a bit at the leg experiment…and i have a hard time believing you look like shit…but….lol…i am glad a hat emboldened you on out…..would it be different with flowing tresses…maybe, sadly…

  4. I love this! Reminded me of when I used to shave my legs and one day went to work and realized I had shaved one leg twice, the other not at all. LOL. LOVE the self-portrait! And life sitting in the corner with its backpack full of wisdom.

  5. I empathize with the hair! Ha, it is so cold here that if I go out I have to wear a hat, and if I am somewhere after that my hair is flat as a pancake. Really hard to have decent hair in this climate. I assume yours is similar. Smiles.

  6. Maybe things would be easier if human beings were hairless…I am never happy with mine as it always seems to look too flat or too curly. Sigh! I like the painting. 🙂

  7. I am sure you are stunning a hat, or a night dress; yes, confessional but way cool. Like the line /&life sits in the corner, smirking/. Got to run, see U all on the trail later.

  8. Ha! Men always ask for a date when the hair is a horror. If long enough, next time pin it up under a hat and go out and have fun. But…this poem sounds all too familiar. Funny, I didn’t see you in my living room last weekend!

  9. Yes…life sits in the corner, smirking 🙂 funny thing about hair…when it’s wavy you want it straight when it’s straight you want it curly ..lately I let my white take over…an inch…I am comfortable in my skin…but that will change too. 🙂 I love your painting!

  10. I am smiling here…because I too have bad hair days as I keep my hair long and its wavy ~ Hope the doctor’s visit isn’t too bad, maybe some good news// ~ Enjoyed the personal glimpse, including that selfie portrait ~

  11. This is a hoot–I could almost have used some Depends (adult diapers) reading this. I just can’t imagine the pain of the waxing, and then having to see the gyn. You should go confessional more often. Too fun.

  12. I don’t look good in hats so that isn’t an option for me. Love how your poems always move and skip about yet manage to keep it altogether under one title. Your drawings are, as always, original and fun to look at … 🙂

  13. Usually that time of the month brought about other blah feelings and ‘looks’ not to our liking, if I remember right. Guess it’s not as important to those who love us..funny, c. re the experiment..smiles.

  14. Ahh.. this reminds me again.. i’m so glad.. i do not have that cultural task of trimming woman’s legs.. shaving is enough to get nicked above.. to get nicked below.. is just NOT my idea of a constructive measure.. to get slick.. and smooth.. after all.. Yellow Boy screams Ugh.. YUCK!.. meow.. bald human! every time my wife gets out the shower.. and yes.. he can be comfortable with me…;)

  15. this is just wonderful, i love the way you made it personal/confessional but universal all at once. you have such a poetic way of seeing the world, and painting what you see with your word-brush.

  16. I love how true it reads and how it shows different hair faces/moods. Very nice!
    Your verses “it’s saturday, 7pm //painting the day away, i’m still in my nightdress” reminded me of myself some weekends ago, when I was painting all day/night in a timeless mode… smiles…

  17. Claudia I think you probably always look gorgeous. However, I can relate to hair that does not cooperate nor conform to the Gold standard (Ha!). I doesn’t matter you paint words and pictures beautifully and that is golden. Love the snowflake ballerinas 🙂

  18. There is a saying about being comfortable in one’s own skin. This poem shouts that fact. When we arrive at the place where we can leave our legs unshaved or our facial hair isnt perfect and our hair is unsightly. So unlike youth!
    A grand expression of freedom Claudia.

  19. Truly confessional haha! I love how playful this piece of poetry was, like an account, graphic and thoughtful both… I especially loved “&life sits in the corner, smirking”… the way you materialized this cruel, backstabbing, god-forbiddingly merciless, forgiving, warming, love-filled, miraculous, beautiful thing we call life into a person really makes me wonder- what might “life” be like if it was a tangible human being?

  20. Haha…it was like big secret told in company of girls….now, it’s for all of us…congrat. on your confession! what a freedom! ~ Love the line ‘candles paint distorted flames on the old walls’ – let the reader to pause, to be there with you and ponder about the life, real or imagine…just choose which way….~ very comf. feeling sense through your words…

  21. I love the discursiveness, and the image of life siting in the corner, smirking. Oh, and all of it really. 🙂

  22. “&life sits in the corner, smirking

    with a backpack full of wisdom placed by his chair,”

    LOVE that image!

    and we all want the hair we don’t have…okay, except maybe the blondes… i’ve always wanted curls.