see, the world’s not round as they want us make believe


smiles…i before i went running that day… it was freezing…

someone took a brush,
dipped it like a maniac in a grey bowl
&spread it

on the autobahn,
the trees&people’s faces,
pale now in the half-sun

&i glue my eyes
to the red taillights
of the car ahead,

the only color for a mile,
listen to the message on my phone,
my little one chatting away for minutes
“— most important though… i love you mom”

“you look scary” says my husband
standing in the hall with his new mobile *cLicK*
“i go running”
it is freezing cold & fog creeps from the chasms right outside the door
the world feels lighter though, its fragments squished
between cloud puffs of my breath,
a turquoise dragon in a desolated land

i light a candle later i put up on the toilet seat
&in the bathtub foam away in a wild battle with a horde of orks//
i cook a pan of indian food
we eat side by side on a wooden table
spices seep in every pore

“they’re announcing snow”
“i’m thinking about doing this online course”
“the EZB just talked about 1140 billion euro–“
“you want some more rice?”

&i pull down the blinds
“i have a meeting later in the evening”
“that’s cool, i’ll go and paint something” i say
to the most fragile world
in desperate need// of color


36 responses to “see, the world’s not round as they want us make believe

  1. How wonderful to feel the mysthic seep trough the ordinary!

    “the world feels lighter though, its fragments squished
    between cloud puffs of my breath,
    a turquoise dragon in a desolated land”

    Yes, we need these brush strokes from your pen, more than ever!

  2. Such a spectacular write. I cant believe the hardiness of you, going running in deep winter. I especially love the brush dipped in a gray bowl………and the turquoise dragon in a desolated land.

  3. love your everyday poetry…talking with your little one made me smile…and even lighting the candle…a soothing light amongst all else…and a spiritual act as well….you do look a little scary in the out fit…smiles. devotion even in the harshest elements…

  4. You are brave to go running in cold weather…..but you do look dressed for it. And where is the color when you need it? Perhaps a time of painting can bring it back. Or Indian food can heat things up as well…smiles.

  5. It’s really cold and chilly here as well ~ But if you love the cold rush from running or from the dragon, go for it, smiles ~ we can certainly use lots of color right now ~ happy weekend ~

  6. I know the feeling about these days when everything seems gray, gray, gray. I love Indian food so I hope yours was very enjoyable. ‘“i’m thinking about doing this online course”’ – now I am curious…

  7. turquoise dragon / meeting later

    The former belongs to the flat world, in which there is nowhere to hide, so all is open.

    The later belongs to the round world, where things may be kept out of sight.

  8. lovely scenes you painted here. i particularly like the conversations on the table. so natural, made me miss my family back home. and the ending of adding colors to winter – lovely.

  9. Oh I hope the hot bath and Indian food warmed you up, Claudia! You look like you were freezing ~ brave of you to go running ~ and then how nice to enjoy the comfort of home and loved ones 🙂

  10. Your poem makes me really appreciate the colors, the food and peace! Any comforting things become the first necessity in winter time. How someone can dream about changes….not until the spring, I guess….thanks for tips 🙂

  11. Your poem reminds me of where I live. The wind whips through and grazes my face as if they were paper being torn by razor blades. It is really chilly here some days, and the next it is warm enough to wear shorts. Crazy world we live in I guess.

  12. Oh, I know that look the look of coldness. It has been freezing here and I give you credit for going out running on a cold gray day. I guess the warm bath makes up for it..smiling..

  13. I love all the details in this — and I’m glad you have ways to put warmth and colour into your world.

  14. Fabulous work. You carry us through the scene, showing not telling, the details inside and out. The art references set the tone and successfully tie the words to the work you begin at the end. A real pleasure to read, Claudia.

  15. … ah … running and Indian food (mata mushroom, anyone) … then a warm blanket … letting sweat seep out of every pore … then a 2 minute cold shower … beats any sauna … u r invited, C … smiles …

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