AliVE//no historic villanelles were harmed in the breaking of this one


thrill of creation in her eyes
her coat of armour feeble in black trees
what she sprays on the wall will come alive
she Is a maniac, a thief, &tightrope dancer, torn &federalized
with dim pink creatures grinning bright

a chest-shaved lion with one hand raised for peace
thrill of creation in her eyes
&they were skaters once
with mittens, scarves, wild hair and thick coats carved
with palette-knives into the ice
covered with snow now so that no one sees

what she sprays on the wall will come alive
a velvet sigh
and thousand bear-roars carried by the breeze
thrill of creation in her eyes

she stumbles, sprays, erase/s, drops of
carmesin red in her hair as she slides deep& deeper in a world
she faintly sees
what she sprays on the wall will come alive
the point //when it feels right

a squea/king sound before the nozzle dies
&one last squeeze—ppfftssshhhhhhhh
thrill of creation in her eyes
what she sprays on the wall will come alive


the thing is… if you like my pics…it was a secret til today but… i have a website with my paintings now… smiles…and i even sold one already to a nice guy in london… so if you’re curious, you can take a look HERE

for dVerse Bri wants us to choose a form and then break it but Not to take away from the old but pay homage to it… mine’s a villanelle and i kept strict to the rhyme scheme but took a bit of freedom with the meter… smiles


35 responses to “AliVE//no historic villanelles were harmed in the breaking of this one

  1. love the incorporation of the spray paint and the act of creation in putting that spray to wall…like we do in painting…or in writing…and letting it come to life through our art….a nice breaking….meter is def the one i break most as i like to find my own rhythm….

  2. First, I am thrilled about your new website for all your paintings Claudia ~ I admire the “broken” villanelle with brilliant colors ~ Such is the thrill of creation in one’s eyes, the walls do come alive ~

  3. My goodness, such a lively gorgeous broken Villanelle, &per usual, infused with your so very unique views, images, line depth; the rhyme scheme is subtle, not sing-song, & your Art is the jewel in the crown. Wow, love the web site too. Like the lines /drops of/carmesin red in her hair as she slides deep& deeper into a world/she faintly sees/.

  4. The poet and artist merge here, still butterfly-like you light and fly, light and fly – canvas to word, wall to eye, so quick and so alive!

  5. Such a strong description of the process of creating, Claudia. And I really like the title of your painting. “Alive” is so fitting. And so true that what a person sprays on one’s wall can look alive…especially when done by a master painter. Smiles. And it really is thrilling, isn’t it, to see your own work?

    Congrats on the new website too, Claudia.

  6. Vibrant, vivid and creative; the villanelle roots are there, but there’s so much more. I love the couplet

    thrill of creation in her eyes
    what she sprays on the wall will come alive

    It reminds me of jumping into pavement pictures in Mary Poppins

  7. I was wondering what form might Claudia possibly be ‘mangling’ ;-)… since neither you nor Brian are sticklers for form! You’ve injected so much life and colour, motion and onomatopeia into this vilanelle. I usually associate it with heartbreak, anger, sadness, regret… but here it’s full of the joy of creation!
    Wishing you the very best fun and luck with your painting website! I always love your drawings/watercolours!

  8. “what she sprays on the wall will come alive” – so true that what the artist creates does come alive. I also like that this is the line that is repeated in your villanelle. I enjoyed the energetic and creative tone of your poem, Claudia!

  9. oh, this is really awesome. Plus I just love the line that starts, “she is a maniac”…it speaks to my heart! Just rich in details that dance and sway. And the repeating line is really neat- enjoyed this take of the form, however you broke it or not.

  10. I enjoyed the poem. Is ‘she’ your wild alter ego, lol? Congratulations on the website and the sale.

  11. Your “breaking” of the villanelle is freeing; you make spray can graffiti sound beautiful! Congrats putting your art online, Claudia 🙂

  12. I can’t help but wonder where and how you found the tiny seed for this idea and took it for such a spin in your mind!..smiles…She is quite the gal and so it the painting of graffiti girl. It’s wonderful you now have a website for all your art – and poetry when you incorporate the two. I foresee in your future a business selling cards, stationery, coffee mugs and T-shirts with your art on them! I’d buy an original painting of yours for sure.

  13. “What she sprays will come alive”! What a warrior! In the future all wars should be fought with paints and brushes… Glad to have YOUR ART BACK!

  14. I am so pleased that you’re selling your artwork. I’ve always loved it. The poem is quite delicious, particularly “she Is a maniac, a thief, &tightrope dancer”

  15. The Seine? The buildings are not Paris. O, there’s the lion and there’s you:
    “thrill of creation in her eyes
    what she sprays on the wall will come alive”

    I enjoyed watching the 2-D become s-D in this poem.

  16.… ha… i really like your title here, Claudia! & wow… you’ve finally came up a place now for your awesome artworks… very nice… gotta see it now… smiles…

  17. oh, i love your paintings! poet, storyteller, musician, painter… i bet you’re a fabulous cook as well… what can’t you do? all wonderful and amazing!