there’s a sailor, girl in a hot-air balloon, a crab, dog & a bike, leaned gently//against something

color spins as webs
across a firmament i don’t own yet
&i miss the people
wondering whom
they would be if they existed, a flat brush
pressed firm against my palm

i am on the carpet, bent
over a riddle i don’t —
“gimme time “ i beg
as scent of sailboats/sea
scatters in the breeze

“it’s–  you don’t talk so much about your feelings”
he says

like a grey cat sneaks around the bend,
rubbing her soft head
against my cheeks/legs

i stand naked
in the bathroom, mirroring the silhouette
of what i seem
“you lost weight” my husband says
“it’s the running–”

&i let him love me
til my breath’s a track in distant lands
and colors blend into a trail
luscious/calm//pried open wide
towards me


37 responses to “there’s a sailor, girl in a hot-air balloon, a crab, dog & a bike, leaned gently//against something

  1. So beautiful. Silence like a grey cat, among all the other gorgeous imagery. Who needs to discuss feelings when she can write like this? Thank you for sharing

  2. One of the joys of being a writer is that whomever we create….we can infuse with whatever characteristics we like…our voice and feelings to be discovered by the reader or viewer of our art…another interesting poem.

  3. Sometimes it IS the people we think about, Claudia, isn’t it? Even if we are the one who creates them. People are the most important component of everything, and I think it is important to keep the connections. And sometimes those riddles don’t have answers. We have to keep seeking though and also find people for whom talking about feelings is okay.And sometimes running seems to work small miracles, and those colors, oh those colors… they blend!

  4. I am happy for you that you enjoy running. I have tried to take it up but never found much enjoyment there. I liked what you shared with us today, including the colorful picture.

  5. I like the firmament not yours yet; running is something I need to get back to…
    pehaps it will lead to more? I love the your painting, c.

  6. Lovely words as always Claudia but that painting is just delightful. It was like a breath of happiness in my inbox! Can I be cheeky and ask if you sell prints I just love the vibrancy and energy! 🙂

  7. i am not a fan of long titles but i really like yours and found if to be a very important part of the poem.

    i absolutely like the first stanza – i feel it can even be a separate poem. and the art – a stroke of genius.

  8. The last two stanzas are amongst your (many) great lines. I love the casual comment, followed by a moment of pure, unadulterated and unexpected affection – an passion. Loved this one a lot. Thanks. 🙂

    Greetings from London.

  9. glad the running is paying off for you…smiles…
    the opening is an interesting look in on creation to me…
    and it is an interesting contrast between the feelings expressed in written word
    and those that are verbalized….

  10. First title and painting are creatively done, very colorful and vibrant ~ And I admire the softness and intimacy in the end ~ Happy Sunday ~

  11. Very whimsical like and yet very entertaining, Claudia. Your paintings & words are always in perfect jive transporting each of us to somewhere truly extraordinary yet still so close to reality. Glad you run. Mom is used to running these days together with Dad in which I find really good for them as both are looking overweight, already, for their age.

    – ksm

  12. I loved that painting.
    The beginning with the artist’s touch which cascades down in the middle to the artist’s life… this poem is a scene or in itself a painting.
    Those closing lines are wonderful. And my favorite bit has to be that silence like a grey cat. Words seem futile sometimes… don’t they?

  13. Wonderfully erotic in the most wholesome and loving of ways. Your leading from objects, to thought and considerations, then physical sensation is masterful.

  14. I felt so good after reading this. You have such a talent for making the reader go on a pleasant trip through your mind. You weave reality with fantasy in a very special way. Love this Claudia.