she stores laughter
in the pink folds of her dress


a pair of rubberboots
leaned against a wall;
dream rain


a small purple car
beams boldly
ina tin/grey sea


the odor of a wolf
nestles warm
in your chesthair


today we’re writing TenWords at dVerse, a form invented by the awesome Brian Miller… smiles… pub doors open at 3pm EST


44 responses to “TenWords

  1. the last one is my fav for sure…ha….its got a couple senses going on and there is a nice intimacy….some fun ones as well…the storing of the laughter…the dreaming boots….that might make for a cool short story…

  2. Just four, heck, you make us hungry for more; wow, like others I dig the rubber boots dreaming, & what man would not want his chest hair to have the oder of the wolf? & of course, you found the sensuality within the brevity.

  3. Claudia – as I reread your delightful words, it comes to me that you have covered everything important in life! I like Brian’s 10/10 poetry form!

  4. your first one is my fav…makes me think of a little girl…maybe 4 or 5, who, while dressed up, is still a little child who loves to be silly and bring a smile to everyone she encounters.

  5. Boy, you Brian and Bjorn are all competing for the “born to the form” trophy. Your offering is particularly scrumptious.

  6. The economy of words are very well addressed in your ten words, Claudia. The form works really well for you in verse. I have enjoyed them. And hey, I hope that you still remember me after 48 years that. i’ve been away hybernating extendedly.. hehe… well, seriously, i’m glad to be able to go back blogging again & reading my friends for once. smiles.

  7. great idea Claudia.
    I love the first one
    and the 2nd is my dream, and last week I bought a pair to run with in the rained fields.