the human senses shall not Be
my injuries

/desolate/i should return
hundred fold
for that one creature’s sake

&what i ask is small
we shall be monsters
but attached to //Free
from misery
o //make me happy

some existing thing moved
&i shuddered
there was justice in his tale
and feelings–fine

sensations. did i not?
my food. is not–

do not.

our bed of dried leaves– sun will shine.
ripen the picture i present.
human that you could deny

towards me


for dVerse where Björn has us write black-out poetry… doors open at 3pm EST


26 responses to “Prometheus//Re-extinguished

  1. hey, i like the black out version all the more….did you cut a few more things before typing it?
    the las stanza is my fav…the sun shining, ripening the picture you present….
    also the last line reads almost as a question to someone…

  2. Maybe for all of us, the words we seize will be sung in our voice; the words redacted are the author’s, or someone else’s; you, Brian, & Bjorn, the blackout words take on your personas, our voices are clarion. Liked the lines /some existing thing moved/&i shuddered/.

  3. We all yearn to be free from misery and happy in our own way, and if on our bed of dry leaves the sun shines we all are better for that! Lots of good lines, Claudia.

  4. I like your version Claudia ~ We chose the same page but got different results ~ the opening lines are my favorite and the word cutting between the verses give it a different story ~

  5. Yes, your style and voice are clear in this piece, which proves to me that ‘Found’ or ‘Erasure’ is a real form rather than a rewrite of another piece of work. I love Found and remix. I have a whole blog dedicated to it.

  6. I had to laugh at everyone being unconsciously startled that your voice shows. As soon as I hit the first clever use of punctuation, I remembered that you use punctuation as part of your voice, and punctuation plays a vital role, here. I love your source and may have to go looking at it.

  7. You manage to keep your voice within the words of another, beautifully done! The ebb and flow work so well. No need to visit me, mine is an oldie from 2012 you’ve seen.

  8. i felt as if i moved from the dark into the light as i read from beginning to end.

    particularly enjoyed the bit about the monsters attaching.

    great work on the blackout poem!

  9. Count me among the numbers who have said how brilliantly your voice shines through here. This does not feel ‘found’; rather, it feels ‘meant.’ A great lesson for me. Thank you. (and don’t come looking; i haven’t posted) Happy New Year!

  10. Some drama feels in expression of feelings, the phrase “we shall be monsters
    but attached” ~ we do attach to something for sure, and to each other first of all…and we fight to detach ourselves from being obsessed and find another attachment….controversial humans…not so easy prompt, don’t you think, Claudia?