don’t count on me for real deep conversations//i–



“i taught the moths to fly–“ i say
silvery smile against the night
counting knotholes in the ceiling,
covered white, they’re not
exactly stars but–

i think of the old man, bent
and frail in a café in munich,
two grey women, chatting grandkids, fashion&
the latest gossip from the neighborhood
as i pull out my sketchbook,
black ink outlines, searching
for beyond

the house is quiet
i get in the bathtub, boiling hot
scrub the chill&dust off my slowly reddening skin

“they always fly towards the light” i say “i think–
wherever that might be”
&hang a sheet of silence in the half-dark,
his warm hands like bark against my skin
“sorry” he mumbles, tracing the S/curve of my spine
“they’re rough from the cold”
“that’s fine”

“i used to have a moth school” i say
“did you teach them to chew clothes?”
“of course” i smile “&then the flying,
always loved the flying most–“


31 responses to “don’t count on me for real deep conversations//i–

  1. I often prefer the depth of silence to the noise of a ‘deep’ conversation. I enjoyed yoour sketch and the lightness of your words. Have a good weekend!

  2. … wish I could be quietly sitting by the ocean right now … nice to have “viele Brueder” in order to beat up people that bug little me, but at times I just want to be alone … smiles …

  3. This is not a deep conversation but a tracing of how the mind works, rather like the wash of pen and water color–it works very well–the bark hands and the moths and the man in the cafe–your watercolors are so terrific too. Thanks. k.

  4. O … and happy Nikolaus, C … still remember when I put out a rubber boot that one year and got a “Rute” … have been a bad girl ever since … smiles … Love, cat.

  5. Oh, I can see and experience the old man, and I am glad he is out and about in a cafe rather than sitting at home alone. And moths flying toward the light know where to find their warmth, don’t they? They risk everything…even though they most often lose everything along the way. Have a good Sunday, Claudia.

  6. ‘searching / for beyond’ – to me, this so defines what we try to do as poets and artists, through words, lines and colors. I love the immediacy of the sketch, Claudia.

  7. Nice communication touching each other ‘base’ and encouraging to fly …life is where fantasy live and fly …your painting feels comfy by your poem…nice contact here…smiles

  8. I love very hot water in my bathtub, too, when I take a bath. I taught caterpillars how to become butterflies. 🙂 I once had a caterpillar school. I loved this poem so much. It’ sone of my favourites so far. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  9. Claudia, this reminded me of something that happened a week ago..I was going to bed and this giant moth came out of nowhere and flew over my head. So, now my mission was to capture this moth and release it outside unharmed..which I did complete. I haven’t seen a moth in months and yet this appearance. Moth school sounds very intriguing.